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Grants and Strategic Planning Unit

The Grants and Strategic Planning Unit (GaSPU) is responsible for grants management in the Office of Water and Watersheds (OWW), including funding water quality infrastructure (the Clean Water State Revolving Fund), tribal water and wastewater infrastructure, Congressional special appropriation projects, and the Tillamook National Estuary. Additionally, this unit is responsible for streamlining and tracking grants processing, providing policy guidance on financial issues to grants project officers who manage OWW's grant funds regardless of their organizational location. GaSPU is also home to the Green Infrastructure contact and Climate Change (water) contact for Region 10 National Estuary Program coordinator, members of the Puget Sound Team, and sponsors the Sustainable Infrastructure Team.

The unit also has been assigned the lead role in OWW's strategic planning work. As a part of that role it assists the effort to develop Performance Partnership Agreements (and the associated grants) with each of the states in the region. It also is charged with ensuring that the water quality program uses its grant resources in a smart, focused way that contributes directly to attaining EPA's and the region's environmental goals.

Name and EmailProgram AreaTelephone Number
Paula VanHaagen ( Manager, Climate Change (Water) Contact(206) 553-6977
Angela Bonifaci ( Management, Puget Sound Team Lead(206) 553-0332
David Carcia ( and OR Clean Water State Revolving Fund (206) 553-0890
Chris Castner ( Sound Team, Large Aquatic Ecosystems Contact(206) 553-6517
Michael Cox ( Special Appropriations Project Officer(907) 271-6627
Bryan Fiedorczyk
AK Clean Water State Revolving Fund, OWW Strategic Planning Coordinator(206) 553-0506
Janice Greenamyer ( Assistant(206) 553-1152
Bevin Horn ( Watershed Coordinator, Regional National Estuary Program Coordinator, Tillamook National Estuary Program Manager, Clean Water Needs Survey Coordinator, Children's Health(206) 553-1566
Janette Knittel ( State and Tribal Water Grants Program Coordinator and Project Officer(206) 553-0483
Mike Lehner ( Clean Water State Revolving Fund, Special Appropriations Project Officer(206) 553-6349
Dino Marshalonis ( Technical Coordinator(206) 553-1519
Krista Mendelman ( 319 Coordinator, Puget Sound Stormwater, Green Infrastructure Contact(206) 553-1571
Bettina Stokes ( Water Grants and Contracts Coordinator(206) 553-2575
Michelle Tucker ( Water State Revolving Fund Coordinator and Financial Analyst(206) 553-1414
Dennis Wagner ( Native Village and Tribal Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Programs Manager(907) 271-3651
Bryan Yim ( Appropriations Act Projects (SAAP) Team Leader and Project Officer(206) 553-8575

Key Partners:
Name and EmailProgram AreaTelephone Number
Ken Fisher
AK Performance Partnership Agreement Coordinator(907) 586-7658
Cyndi Grafe
ID Performance Partnership Agreement Coordinator, Sustainable Infrastructure Team Lead(208) 378-5771
Jo Henry
WA Performance Partnership Agreement Coordinator(360) 753-9469
Armina Nolan
Grants and Interagency Agreement Unit Manager(206) 553-0530
Michael Rylko
Puget Sound/Georgia Basin(206) 553-4014
Joel Salter
OR Performance Partnership Agreement Coordinator, OR Special Appropriations Project Officer(503) 326-2653
Misha Vakoc
Stormwater Coordinator(206) 553-6650
Yvonne Vallette
Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership(503) 326-2716

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