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Tribal Solid Waste Management Plans

A Tribal Solid Waste Management Plan, also known as an Integrated Waste Management Plan, outlines how a tribe will reduce, manage, and dispose of waste. EPA, Indian Health Service, and other organizations provide training and technical assistance to tribes developing plans. Before you begin, consider attending a training session and using a planning template and other resources to make the planning process easier.

EPA recommends the following 5 elements for a plan:

  1. Description of the community service area.
  2. Description of the tribe’s solid waste program structure administration.
  3. Description of the tribe’s current and proposed waste management practices.
  4. Description of the funding and sustainability and the long-term goals of the tribe’s solid waste program.
  5. Demonstration of approval by the Tribal Council.
EPA does not approve tribal solid waste management plans. Responsibility for developing and implementing plans lies with each tribe.

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Tribal Solid Waste Management Trainings and Templates
The following is an incomplete, alphabetical list of organizations that provide solid waste training and/or templates for tribes. EPA does not endorse specific trainings or templates. If you would like your organization listed here, please contact a member of the Tribal Solid and Hazardous Waste Team.

Example Tribal Solid Waste Management Plans:

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