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BP Exploration Alaska Prudhoe Bay Hazardous Waste Permit

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BPXA Prudhoe Bay is a hazardous waste facility on the North Slope of Alaska. BPXA generates and stores wastes related to oil and gas production. Before shipment offsite, these wastes are placed in 55-gallon drums and stored at the Hazardous Waste Storage Unit. This storage unit is located on the Base Operations Camp pad in the Western Operating Area of Pruhdoe Bay. BPXA reports indicate that there have been no known releases of hazardous waste at or from the storage unit.

Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), facilities that store hazardous waste for more than 30 days must have a RCRA storage permit. BPXA’s hazardous waste storage has been managed under the “interim status” provisions of RCRA since 1980. “Interim status” regulations apply to those facilities that have applied for, but have not yet received (through no fault of their own), a permit. BPXA submitted an application for the newly available standardized permit for hazardous waste storage in July 2009.


Permit conditions under the RCRA standardized permit rule are largely prescribed. They are very similar to the “interim status” regulations. Changes to current facility operations resulting from issuance of the draft standardized permit to BPXA/Prudhoe Bay will be:

  1. BP will no longer be able to accept waste from off site, and
  2. To minimize the potential for releases to the environment, the permit will require secondary containment during loading and unloading of hazardous waste at the storage unit. (BP currently does this voluntarily, but it is not required under “interim status” regulations.)
Permit Documents: Corrective Action

BPXA’s Draft Standardized RCRA Storage Permit includes one section with site-specific conditions. These conditions include clean up (or “corrective action”) requirements for releases of hazardous waste. BPXA signed a RCRA Administrative Order on Consent on October 3, 2007. The 2007 Order will constitute the corrective action requirements of the RCRA Standardized Storage Permit and will be incorporated by reference into the Permit.

Corrective Action Documents:

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