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EPA Region 10 Environmental Management System (EMS)

An Environmental Management System is a set of management processes and practices that allow an organization to integrate environmental considerations into day-to-day decisions. EMS provides a framework for managing environmental responsibilities in a more systematic way, and places responsibility for addressing environmental impacts of our decisions on all employees and managers.

Region 10 has incorporated an EMS at its office in Seattle, Washington, and laboratory facility in Manchester, Washington. We promote EMS as a tool for industry to improve its environmental performance and address environmental impacts that are not regulated.

Our EMS manuals include:

  • Regional and laboratory policies
  • Environmental aspects and impacts
  • Objectives and targets
  • Operational controls
  • Environmental management programs.
Manchester Laboratory: Owned and operated by EPA, the Lab houses a work force of 75 people working for EPA and WDOE. Their EMS Program has produced numerous environmental achievements including reducing energy needs by 12%, diverting waste by 75%, increasing recycling by 60% and reducing water consumption by over 50%. Waste diversion efforts led to the only Agency nomination for the 2008 White House Closing the Circle Award. In the last 5 years, over 77 tons of paper, plastics and glass have been recycled. Innovative method modifications for water extraction samples have resulted in a 90% per analysis reduction in use of Methylene Chloride, a known carcinogen. Efforts to decrease toxic chemical usage continue with staff focusing on Hexane and Nitric Acid.

The lab continues to promote local-level stewardship through voluntary efforts like vermicomposting, the Trash Can Initiative and the Materials Exchange Board.

EMS Self-Declaration: Region 10 has declared itself in compliance with Executive Order 13148 that requires each federal government agency to implement an EMS at all appropriate agency facilities by December 31, 2005. Read Region 10's EMS Self Declaration (PDF) (1 pg, 233K, About PDF).

Questions? Contact Melanie Wood (wood.melanie@epa.gov), EMS Coordinator for the Region 10 Seattle EMS, or Stephanie Bailey (bailey.stephanie@epa.gov) for the Manchester Laboratory.

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