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Youth Publications

The Public Environmental Resource Center (PERC) in Seattle offers publications to anyone in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon or Washington. Locate the publication you wish to receive and call 1 (800) 424-4EPA or (206) 553-1200 in the Seattle Metro Area. You can also send email to the PERC ( or use the Publication Order Form.

If you live outside the four states listed above, or cannot find the publication you desire, you can find thousands of additional publications through the National Center for Environmental Publications and Information.

Publication NamePublication Description
A beautiful world starts with you
How to save energy and protect the environment.
U.S. EPA/U.S. Dept. of Energy
Activity Book, 6 pages
A Book To Color
Teaching children to care for the environment.
Coloring Book, 12 pages
Adventures of the Garbage Gremlin
Recycling (Waste, etc.) ; Juvenile literature ; School recycling programs ; Refuse collection ; Refuse and refuse disposal
EPA 530-SW-90-024
Coloring book, 15 pages
Bugged by Bugs: Youth Pesticides Activity Book
Coloring and Activity Book focusing on Pesticides exposure.
Activity Book
15 pages
Case of the Broken Loop
Planet Protectors Club, activity booklet, students in grades 4-5 follow the detective through word scrambles, a crossword puzzle, and matching games to learn about reducing waste.
EPA 530-K-98-002
Booklet, 9 pages
Climate Change Education Resource List
The front of this poster shows the winners of the first Region 5 Climate Change Art Challenge for middle school students.
EPA 905-H-100-01
Poster, 2 pages
Como Proteger a los Ninos de las Riesgos Ambientales (Tips to Protect Children from Environmental Risks) (English and Spanish)
Suggestions for protecting children from environmental risks.
EPA 100-F-02-004
Fact Sheet, 2 pages
Como te Proteges del Sol (Mission SunWise)
Sun Protection Activities
EPA 430-K-01-006
Booklet, 12 pages
Dr. Art's Guide to Planet Earth
For Earthlings Ages 12 to 120! Art Sussman explains how our planet works and what can happen when the balance of nature is upset. Great for classroom: Nature/Environment/Science
Art Sussman / WestEd
Book,122 pages
Dusty, the Asthma Goldfish
An educational activity book to help parents and children learn more about asthma triggers.
EPA 402-F-04-008
February 2004
Brochure, 6 pages
Enjoy and Protect the EnvironmentEMHI
Coloring Poster, 2 pages
Grades 2-6
Coloring Sheet, 1 page
Follow That Trail!
Planet Protectors Club activity booklet for grades K-3, students follow the trail through a maze, a rebus, and other fun activities to find out where bottles and cans go after they are recycled.
EPA 530-K-98-001
Activity Book
Global Warming Activity Kits
For students grades 6-8. A lesson plan for teaching about global warming and how to calculate greenhouse gas emissions in everyday human activities
EPA 430-F-01-027
March 2002
Go Recycle
Grades 2-4
WA Department of Ecology
Coloring Sheet; 1 page
Happy Earth Day Coloring and Activities Book
An 11-page coloring book full of tips for making the Earth a better place.
U.S. EPA Region 2, Publication Number 905-M90-002
July 1998
Coloring Book, 11 pages
Healthy Waters Start With Water Quality Standards {Crossword Puzzle}
Water quality standards and healthy waters crossword puzzle.
EPA 823-E-05-002
Ideas for Science Fair Projects on Surface Water Quality Topics for Middle School Students and Teachers
Why Choose a Science Fair Project on Surface Water Quality?
EPA 820-F-08-001
Flyer, 2 pages
It Pays to Save Wetlands!
Colorful activity placemat. Grades 4 to adult
EPA 843-E-06-002
Placemat; 1 page
Join Our Pest Patrol
A Backyard Activity Book for Kids On Integrated Pest Management
EPA 735-F-03-002
Activity book, 29 pages
Join the LORAX and Help Protect the Earth From Global WarmingEPA 430-F-09-001
Activity Book, 6 pages
Join the Lorax and Help Protect the Earth from Global Warming
Fold out poster about the Lorax with checklist activities.
EPA 430-H-09-002
Join the Planet Protectors Club!
Order you Planet Protectors Club kit!
EPA 530-F-07-012
February 2007
Brochure, 6 pages
Life Cycle of a CD or DVD
Colorful activity poster explains how they are made and how we can reduce their impact on the environment
EPA 530-H-03-002
April 2003
Poster, 2 sided
Life Cycle of a Cell Phone
Colorful activity poster shows how cell phones are made and what happens when we throw them away
EPA 530-H-04-002
August 2004
Poster, 2 sided
Life Cycle of a Soccer Ball
Activity poster tells how soccer balls are made and what happens when you're finished playing with them.
EPA 530-H-05-001
November 2005
Poster, 2 sided
Live, Learn, Play - Tune In To Your Health and Environment
This colorful, engaging booklet was prepared for youth groups and provides information about how to protect yourself and your friends.
EPA 100-k-04-001
Booklet with CD, 32 pages
The Lorax Needs You!
Help him save energy & save the planet!
EPA 430-F-12-008
Brochure, 8 pages
Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up
Grades K-4 The children learn about idle reduction and ways the community can help reduce the health risks from diesel exhaust.
EPA 420-K-07-001
Booklet, 24 pages
Mission Papers - Planet Protectors Club Kit
Designed as a resource for teaching the concepts of reducing, reusing, and recycling to children. For parents, teachers, and after school leaders. Includes activity books, calendars, stickers.
EPA 530-E-00-002
November 2000
Kit, 11 pieces
Mission: Sunwise
Grades K-8 To promote sun-safe behavior at an early age, the U.S. EPA developed the SunWise Program, a free national environmental and health education program for children.
EPA 430-K-007
June 2004
Activity Book, 12 pages
Monitor Your WatershedEPA 841-H-03-005
Coloring sheet, 2 pages
My Book About WaterChanning L. Bete Co. Inc.
Coloring Book, 8 pages
Nature's Recyclers
Hey kids, did you know that nature has its own clean-up crew and recycling staff?
WI Dept. of Natural Resources/USEPA Region 5
Coloring Book, 16 pages
Now Hear This!
Global Warming and YOU: What You Can Do at HOME - Horton
EPA Energy Star
January 2008
Brochure, 4 pages
October is Children’s Health Month
How many tips can you follow in 21 days?
EPA 100-E-11-001
August 2012
Planet Protectors Create Less Waste in the First Place!
Planet Protectors Club, grades K-3 can color the pictures in this booklet providing tips on how to keep an old jelly jar out of the trash.
EPA 530-K-99-006
Activity Book, 9 pages
President's Environmental Youth Awards
Information about the award.
EPA Region 10
Flyer, 1 page
President's Environmental Youth Awards Application
Grades K-12 Promotes awareness of our nation's natural resources and encourages positive community envolvement.
Professor Bomba's Binoculars
Instructions for making the binoculars featured in the new movie "Epic".
Energy Star
Card, 2 sides
Protect Children Where They Live, Learn, and Play (Stickers)
Sticker Sheets
EPA 100-E-04-001
Quest for Less - K-8
Grades K-8 A solid waste resource guide to reducing, reusing and recycling and a flexible tool for teachers. Its multidisciplinary focus includes math, science, art, social studies, language arts, and health. Provides hands-on lessons and activities…
EPA 530-R-10-013
Book, 244 pages
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Grades 2-6
WA DOE/EPA Region 10 KCB-203
Coloring Poster, 1 page
Salmon Rescue
This book has coloring pages and activities that teach how people can save salmon with the help of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.
WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Activity/Coloring Book
28 pages
Sammy SoilColoring book, 16 pages
Save Our Schools
Grades K-4
FISH Habitat Project
Coloring Sheet, 1 page
Save Our Seas
Preventing Marine Debris
EPA 842-H-92-001
Activity Poster
Grades 2-6
Coloring Sheet, 1 page
SunWise Video
Grades K-8 Designed for teachers, school nurses, parents, and school administrators who would like to learn more about the easy-to-use SunWise program.
EPA 430-V-02-001
Take Action For A Healthy Environment
Environmental Education Poster
EPA 905-H-03-001
Take The Stormwater Runoff Challenge: Crossword Puzzle
Provides a fun learning opportunity for middle school children and can be used to generate classroom discussion or further exploration of water pollution issues.
EPA 841-H-03-002
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Storm Drain SaversU.S. EPA Region 5
Coloring book, 8 pages
Thirstin's Drinking Water Games and Activities
Grades K-12. This CD is equipped with resources to help students from grade K to 12 to learn more about drinking water.
EPA 816-C-04-008
Thirstin's Wacky Water Adventure
Grades 2-5 Coloring and activity book about protecting and conserving drinking water
EPA 816-K-04-002
June 2004
Color/activity book; 15 pages
Tips to Protect Children from Environmental Risks
Growth Chart for kids of all ages.
EPA 100-F-04-013
Growth Chart, 1 page
Tips to Protect Children from Environmental Risks (English and Spanish)
Suggestions for protecting children from environmental risks.
EPA 100-F-02-004
Fact Sheet, 2 pages
Trash and Climate Change
Planet Protectors Club activity booklet, Children in grades 4-5 learn about the effects of reducing, reusing, and recycling waste on climate change.
EPA 530-K-00-001
Activity Booklet, 10 pages.
Trash and Climate Change: Play the game and make the connectionEPA 530-K-00-001A
September 2002
Game sheet – 2 sides
Turning The Tide On Trash
A Learning Guide on Marine Debris
EPA 852-B-92-003
Fall 1992
Guide, 70 pages
Water and Me Coloring BookNatl. Assoc. of Conservation Districts
Coloring book, 16 pages
The Water Cycle: Nature's Recycling System
Features artwork of the water cycle; reverse side
Welcome to the Wetlands Coloring Sheet
Grades 2-6 Wetlands information
WA Dept. of Ecology
Coloring poster, 7 pages
Wetlands Coloring Sheet
Grades 2-6
WA Department of Ecology
Coloring sheet, 1 page
What's Up With Our Nation's Waters?
Summary and Project for Wetlands and Groundwater Awareness
EPA 841-F-02-002
Booklet, 24 pages
Who Needs Clean Water?
Crossword puzzle and coloring sheet.
EPA 823-F-08-002
May 2008
Activity Sheet, 2 pages
Why Is Coco Orange?
Coco and his friends solve this mystery as they learn about air quality.
EPA 456-K-10-001
May 2010
Booklet, 32 pages
World of Fresh Water - A Resource for Studying Issues of Freshwater Research
Grades 4-6 (adaptable to older groups). The activities in this packet were developed in reference to research conducted at an U.S. EPA Laboratory to help us better understand the pollutants on freshwater systems and determine how we can best keep these
EPA 600-K-96-001
You Can Be An Energy Star!
A Who's Guide to Saving Our Planet - Horton
Activity Book, 6 pages
The Young Scientists' Introduction to Wetlands
Grades K-5. Addresses: What is a wetland?; Wetland plants; Wetland animals; Wetland types (marsh, swamp, flood plain, etc.); Visiting a wetland; and Value of wetlands.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Activity Book, 12 pages
Your Life, Your World, Your Choices - (Middle School Kit)
This kit shows you how to: Conserve resources, Reduce waste, Reuse products, Recycle.
EPA 530-E-03-001
February 2003
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