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Air Pollution Publications

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

The Public Environmental Resource Center (PERC) in Seattle offers publications to anyone in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon or Washington. Locate the publication you wish to receive and call 1 (800) 424-4EPA or (206) 553-1200 in the Seattle Metro Area. You can also send email to the PERC ( or use the Publication Order Form.

If you live outside the four states listed above, or cannot find the publication you desire, you can find thousands of additional publications through the National Center for Environmental Publications and Information.

Publication NamePublication Description
Air Pollution
How did it get here? What is it? What can I do?
Booklet; 30 pages
Air Quality Index Slide Rule
At-A-Glance Messages
EPA 451-B-03-001
Slide Rule
Air Quality Index: A Guide to Air Quality and Your Health
Air and Radiation
Booklet; 16 pages.
Alaska Tribal Air Toolkit
Including the Clean Air, Healthy Villages video series. To help address the five common causes of air pollution in rural Alaska tribal communities.
EPA 910-C-11-001
El Autobus Magico (The Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up)
Grades K-4. The children learn about idle reduction and ways the community can help reduce the health risks from diesel exhaust.
EPA 420-K-11-001
Booklet, 24 pages
Climate Change: Don't Waste Your Chance To Do Your Share
How to reduce your climate footprint - the link between climate and waste.
EPA 530-K-05-004
June 2005
Booklet; 15 pages
Climate Change Education Resource List
The front of this poster shows the winners of the first Region 5 Climate Change Art Challenge for middle school students.
EPA 905-H-100-01
Poster, 2 pages
Climate change indicators in the United States, 2014
"EPA publishes this report to communicate information about the science and impacts of climate change, assess trends in environmental quality, and inform decision-making."
EPA 430-R-14-004
Report, 108 pages
Does Your Wood Stove Have a Dirty Little Secret?
Wood stoves manufactured before 1990 are inefficient.
EPA 456/F-11-002
Pamphlet, 6 pages
Global Mitigation on Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases
EPA has focused on incorporating international non-CO2 greenhouse gas mitigation into analysis and policy discussions.
EPA 430-R-06-005
June 2006
Report; 288 pages
Global Warming and Our Changing Climate
Answers to frequently asked questions.
EPA 430-F-00-001
April 2000
Brochure; 6 pages
Global Warming Wheel Card Classroom Activity Kit
For students grades 6-8. A lesson plan for teaching about global warming and how to calculate greenhouse gas emissions in everyday human activities.
EPA 430-F-01-027
March 2002
Kit, 1 page
Guia de Calidad del Aire para el Ozono (Air Quality Guide for Ozone)
You may have seen the Air Quality Index reported in your newspaper. This guide provides you with more detailed information about what this index means to you.
February 2000
Fact Sheet
Hidden Hazards of Backyard Burning
Description of toxic chemicals that are produced by burning and what you can do.
EPA 530-F-03-012
August 2003
Pamphlet; 4 pages
Join the Lorax and Help Protect the Earth from Global Warming Activity Book
and Help Protect the Earth From Global Warming
EPA 430-F-09-071
Activity Booklet, 6 pages
Join the Lorax and Help Protect the Earth from Global Warming (folded poster)
Fold out poster about the Lorax with checklist activities.
EPA 430-H-09-002
Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up
Grades K-4 The children learn about idle reduction and ways the community can help reduce the health risks from diesel exhaust.
EPA 420-K-07-001
May 2007
Booklet, 24 pages
Now Hear This!
Global Warming and YOU: What You Can Do at HOME - Horton
EPA Energy Star
January 2008
Brochure, 4 pages
Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act
A clear summary of the Clean Air Act, what is in the law, and how it affects people.
EPA 456-K-07-001
Booklet, 23 pages
Reducing Backyard Burning in Indian Country
What Tribal Members Need To Know To Protect Their Health And The Environment.
EPA 530-F-03-017
Brochure, 6 pages
El Smog - A Quien Perjudica? (Smog: Who Does it Hurt?)
Ozone and your health.
EPA 452-K-00-001
February 2000
State and Local Governments are the Key to Reducing Backyard Burning
Discusses backyard burning health hazards, some examples of successful state programs curbing burning and ideas of what you can do to help.
August 2003
Leaflet; 4 pages
Summary of key points from Climate change indicators in the United States, 2014
A summary of key points for 20 indicators that track signs of climate change.
EPA 430-F-14-016
Fact Sheet, 2 pages
The Particle Pollution Report
Current understanding of air quality and emissions through 2003.
EPA 454-R-04-002
Report, 27 pages
Tracking climate change with indicators : highlights from Climate change indicators in the United States, 2014
Highlights from Climate Change Indicators in the United States, 2014. color illustrations, charts ; 28 cm x 22 cm folded, 28 cm x 65 cm unfolded
EPA 430-F-14-015
Brochure, 6 pages
Wet Wood is a Waste
Burn dry firewood to save money and health
EPA 456/F-10-003
Pamphlet, 6 pages
What You Should Know About Reducing Diesel Exhaust From School Buses
Recommended actions to reduce diesel pollution.
EPA 420-F-03-038
November 2003
Flyer, 4 pages
Why is Coco Orange?
Children's book about how Coco and his friends solve this mystery as they learn about air quality and how to protect themselves when the air is unhealthy. This book is for children with asthma, and their caretakers. Ages 4-8.
EPA 456-K-10-001
Booklet, 32 pages
Working Together So Everyone Can Breathe Better
Asthma Management
EPA 402-K-05-006
September 2006
Booklet / Kit, 5 pages
You Can Be An Energy Star!
A Who's Guide to Saving Our Planet - Horton
Activity Book, 6 pages

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