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Federal Green Challenge Webinar - November 12, 2008

Relating the Federal Green Challenge to Environmental Management System

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of processes and practices that enable your organization to reduce its environmental impacts and increase its operating efficiency. An EMS will help you to systematically manage your agency’s environmental and health safety matters. Through a continual cycle of planning, implementing, reviewing and improving the processes and actions of your agency, you will meet your business and environmental goals.

Even if you already have a compliance program, an EMS can help you to comply with regulations more consistently and effectively. It also can help you identify and capitalize on environmental opportunities that go beyond compliance. Environmental Management Systems have been implemented by organizations ranging in size from a couple of dozen employees to many thousands of employees. The elements of an EMS are flexible by design to accommodate a wide range of organizational types and sizes.

During this webinar you will: Presentations:
William S. (Will) Garvey

Will is a senior staff member of the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance working in the Federal Facilities Enforcement Office and is the EPA staff lead for interagency compliance assistance and stewardship efforts. He is chair of the Interagency Environmental Leadership Workgroup responsible for developing EMS guidance and policy for implementation under EO 13423.

Will Garvey’s Presentation will cover: Download Will Garvey's Presentation: Environmental Management Systems: A Framework for Success (PDF) (35 pp. 305K)

Stephan Thomatos

Stephan Thomatos is the GEMS Coordinator for the New York Harbor Healthcare System, part of the Department of Veterans Affairs in New York City. He has a bachelor’s and masters’ degree in Civil Engineering from the City College of New York and is a certified ISO-14001 Lead Auditor. A registered licensed professional engineer (P.E.) in New York State, he has 12 years of experience in Environmental Engineering. He can be reached at stephan.thomatos@va.gov

This presentation will focus on the challenges of implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) at the Brooklyn Campus of the New York Harbor Healthcare System of the Department of Veterans Affairs. It will go through a brief background on the implementation history and review the updates that were made to reflect the requirements of EO 13423.

Download Stephan Thomatos' Presentation: Integrating Electronics Stewardship into Your Environmental Management System (EMS) (PDF) (17 pp. 173K)

Jack Mizner

Jack Mizner is the Environmental Management System Coordinator at Sandia National Laboratories. He holds B.S.in Biology from GA State University and M.S. degrees in Ecology and Environmental Engineering from GA.Tech. Jack is a registered professional engineer in NM, a LEED Accredited Professional and is a past-president of the NM Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. From a professional background that includes municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, environmental remediation and hazardous and radioactive waste management, his career has evolved to preventing pollution at the source. This includes working with project managers and design professionals to implement sustainable design principles in the construction and operations of facilities at Sandia National Laboratories.

Download Jack Mizner's Presentation: Sandia National laboratories Environmental Management System Meeting the New Requirements (PDF) (24 pp. 762K)

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