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Under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, EPA and the U.S Corps of Engineers share responsibility for regulating discharges to wetlands. EPA develops and interprets wetlands policy, guidance and criteria for evaluating permit applications. We also review and comment on individual permit applications, and have the authority to elevate or deny applications for fill. The U.S Army Corps of Engineers administers the day-to-day wetland permit program. For more information about EPA's and other federal agencies' roles and responsibilities in regulating wetlands: Federal Roles and Responsibilities Under Section 404 Permitting.

Do I Need a Permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers?
To determine if an activity you are planning near a wetland requires a permit, contact the Corps office responsible for your state.

Reporting Wetland Violations Enhancing State and Tribal Programs Initiative
The goal of the Enhancing State and Tribal Programs Initiative is to enhance EPA's delivery of technical and financial support for state and tribal wetlands programs, with the overall objective of accelerating program development on a national scale. Workshops
Presentations from the Sustainable Financing and Wetland Workshop in Spokane, WA - December 2009

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