Federal Green Challege Webinar - September 27, 2012 | Region 10 | US EPA

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Federal Green Challege Webinar - September 27, 2012

Reducing Your Water Footprint

This webinar features a brief introduction to stormwater management from EPA's Office of Water, which is followed by presentations on EPA's WaterSense Program and the Army's Net Zero Water pilot installations. The EPA's WaterSense Program presentation includes updated best management practices (BMPs) for commercial and institutional facilities as well as tips for saving water. The second presentation is about water management and efficiency initiatives that have been performed for the Army’s Net Zero Water pilot installations, including water balance results, information on water conservation measures, and long term impact on water demand from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Webinar Recording and Presentations:

Representative from the Office of Water - Environmental Protection Agency

Tara O'Hare - Environmental Protection Agency
Tara currently serves as the Implementation Lead for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense Program in Washington, DC. She is responsible for program operations and partner support. Tara is also developing water- efficiency resources for commercial and institutional facilities and information to assist federal agencies meet environmental requirements.

Kate McMordie Stoughton - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Kate McMordie Stoughton is a water efficiency engineer with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, specializing in Federal water management and plumbing efficiency. Ms. McMordie currently leads the water efficiency team for PNNL, including initiatives in the Federal Energy Management Program Water Efficiency program, Army, Appliance Standards, and Building Energy Codes. As part of this work, Ms. McMordie has provides water management training, technical assistance, and site level assessments.

Brian Boyd - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Brian Boyd is a Water Efficiency Engineer for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). Since joining PNNL in 2009, Mr. Boyd has worked with the Federal Energy Management Program Water Efficiency program, the Department of Energy’s Sustainability Performance Office, and the Army to identify water efficiency opportunities and to help agencies meet Federal mandates for water reduction.

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