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Federal Green Challenge Webinar – May 5, 2011

Sustainable Buildings: Green Cleaning and Integrated Pest Management

Green cleaning and integrated pest management (IPM) are critical components of sustainable building operations. Specifically, cleaning and IPM activities can contribute up to 9 points toward LEED Existing Buildings – Operations & Maintenance certification and are goals for partners participating in the Federal Green Challenge Purchasing Target Area. But how can federal agencies and facilities implement green cleaning and IPM programs? This webinar brings industry leaders together to explain how to apply green cleaning and IPM policies in the federal environment.

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Stephen P. Ashkin, President, The Ashkin Group LLC – The Green Cleaning Experts

Steve Ashkin is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and advocate who focuses on using the marketplace to drive health and environmental improvements. Steve grew up in his family’s cleaning products formulating business and has worked professionally in the industry since 1981. He has held senior positions in leading commercial and consumer products companies. Since 1990, Steve has been an international leader working to “green” the cleaning industry and is regarded as the "Father of Green Cleaning."

Among his many current roles, Steve currently serves as President of The Ashkin Group, one of the most influential consulting firms in the cleaning industry; Executive Director of the Green Cleaning Network, a nonprofit working with building owners; CEO of Sustainability Dashboard Tools, which provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective web-tool that helps small companies report and improve their sustainability efforts; and Chair of the Task Group revising ASTM E-1971, Standard Guide on Stewardship for Cleaning Commercial and Institutional Buildings.

Jessica Green, Seattle Regional Director, Brightworks

Jessica Green brings almost 10 years of landscape architectural practice in Oregon and California as well as extensive sustainability and LEED project experience in a wide range of rating systems. Jessica has managed over 40 LEED projects and has worked with an extensive variety of building programs. In addition to LEED project management, Jessica advises teams on how to strive for true sustainability on master plan scale projects as well as individual buildings seeking to go beyond LEED.

Jessica has educated audiences across the West Coast on the value, cost and process of LEED, green building and sustainability, and has taught LEED Exam trainings for the LEED New Construction, LEED Commercial Interiors and LEED Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance rating systems.

Thomas A. Green, Ph.D., CCA, TSP, President, IPM Institute of North America

Dr. Green has been a national leader in Integrated Pest Management for more than twenty years. A frequent speaker on the power of marketplace IPM to reduce health and environmental risks, Dr. Green has provided seminars, training and program development to corporations, government and non-governmental organizations working to improve the health and environmental consequences of agricultural production and pest control in community settings.

Dr. Green was recognized by US EPA Region V in 2003 for "Outstanding Efforts to Improve School Integrated Pest Management both within Wisconsin and Nationally." The IPM Institute of North America, Inc., which he co-founded and manages, was recognized by US EPA as Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program National Champion in 2004 and 2005, and by the US EPA Office of Children's Health in 2005. He holds a Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Massachusetts and is a Certified Crop Advisor and NRCS-approved Technical Service Provider.

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