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How to Sign Up to Participate in the Slag Program

Homeowners and other building owners who wish to participate in the voluntary exposure study can call the Southeast Idaho District Health Department either at (208) 233-9080 in Pocatello or (208) 547-4375 in Soda Springs.

There are two ways to participate in the program: One involves a survey of your home or business property, and the other involves wearing a thermoluminescent dosimeter, or TLD. People who want to know immediately if there are elevated radiation levels in their buildings may wish to participate in the building survey. Those who want to know how much radiation they are being exposed to might prefer to wear a TLD.

The Testing Process

image - test process starts with home survey or TLD and decisions are made from there

Things To Keep In Mind
  1. Participation in the program is voluntary.
  2. You may select the way you participate in the program.
  3. Recommendations for reducing your radiation exposure may be based on the survey results and will be provided to you.
  4. You may choose whether or not to list your building's results on the phosphorus slag inventory.
What happens if either I don't want to participate in the program or I only partially participate?
The testing process is entirely voluntary, and an individual can decide not to participate at any time.

Can I have my business property surveyed?
Yes. Any building in Southeast Idaho can be included in the program.

How should I decide whether to have my building surveyed or to use a TLD?
That choice is entirely up to you. Some people prefer the idea of a home survey because it can be completed in a few minutes. Others prefer to know how much radiation they are being exposed to and don't mind having to wear the TLD for three months. And you don't necessarily have to choose. If you want, you can participate in the program both ways.

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