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How to Find Out if You Have a Problem with Radiation from Slag

Residents throughout Southeast Idaho are invited to participate in a free, voluntary program conducted jointly by the District Health Department, FMC, Monsanto, and EPA. The program helps residents find out if phosphorus slag in their homes and business properties is causing unacceptably high exposure to radiation. The program is designed to determine if phosphorus slag has been used in your home or business property as well as measure the radiation dose of individuals living and working in buildings where phosphorus slag is found. Participation in the program is free, and it takes very little of your time. Sign up to participate in the slag program.

If I participate in the program, what will the results tell me?
The results will tell you whether you are being exposed to elevated radiation levels.

How much does it cost to participate in the program?
There is no cost for participating.

Where in Southeast Idaho is the program being conducted?
The focus of the study is in the communities of Pocatello and Soda Springs, however individuals in surrounding communities are welcome to participate in the program as well.

Past Uses of Slag
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