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East Mission Flats Repository

Aerial view of East Mission Flats Repository site. Click on image for larger view.
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The East Mission Flats Repository is west of Cataldo, Idaho, across Interstate 90, away from the Old Mission. The repository securely contains contaminated soils from property cleanups in the Lower Basin. It helps reduce people's exposure to harmful metals like lead and arsenic. Property owners who do their own work under the Basin Institutional Controls Program can also dispose of soils at East Mission Flats.

In response to public input, the repository height has been reduced from 62 feet to 34 feet. East Mission Flats is not easily visible from the Old Mission. Only soils contaminated with mine waste are accepted at the repository. Municipal wastes and residential garbage are not accepted.

Superfund cleanup is being conducted in the Coeur d'Alene Basin to address unacceptable health risks to people and the environment. Soils from cleanups of residential and commercial properties contain metals, like lead and arsenic, that can harm people. These soils need a place to go to be safely contained. Waste repositories are carefully chosen and engineered to securely contain contaminated soils through time, to reduce impacts to people and the environment. Repositories will be managed long after they are closed to be sure the contaminants remain contained and secure.

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