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Midnite Mine Superfund Site Maps & Photos

1989 aerial site photo (PDF) (1 pg, 366K)

Site photos from 2002

image terraced hillside behind lake
Looking north into Pit 3, the larger of two open pits. Water level is maintained at 3 feet or more above the widest bench. A darker area signifies the deepest part of the pit. High wall (~400 foot) and benches are shown.
image - radiation area sign on fence in front of building
Radiation hazard sign on cyclone fence enclosing the "core shack" where cores from the mine are stored.
image - mountain in distance, terraced hillside near lake
Looking southeast over Pit 3 towards water treatment system. Land surrounding mine is largely forested.

image - pasture land with radiation sign in foreground
Radiation hazard sign at southern entrance to site, looking northward towards South Spoils waste rock pile.
image - parched dirt breaks into bricks
Close-up of Pit 3 sediments exposed in late 2001, with boot for scale. Cracks caused by drying reveal thickness of fine sediment layer.
image - terraced hillside with cyclone fence
Cyclone fencing across the road into Pit 3, installed to reduce pit access by large mammals.

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