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Taylor Lumber Removal Photo Gallery

Pictures from the site (click on the thumbnail to expand the picture):
October 24, 2000:
Grading for asphalt work.Rowell & Wickersham laying asphalt base course.Base layer of asphalt.Concrete loading Pad.

October 12, 2000:
work in front of retorts and surface prep for asphalt.

October 3, 2000:
trenchwork 3/4 completedwork in front of Retorts 3

September 28, 2000:
Geotextile layeringGravel layeringGravel spraying and pressing

September 25, 2000:
Backfill of trench complete

September 22, 2000:
Trench excavation at 19+00(apx)

September 16, 2000:
taking soundings at 4+40 (apx.)Mixer setup at slurry pondTrench excavation
backfill mixingrail removal from front side of retorts
September 7, 2000:
Northwest corner being prepped for paving - 9/6/00Locating a natural gasline - 9/7/00Clearing out wood chip/bark pile - 9/7/00

containment pond for slurry mix - 9/7/00Poured concrete around natural gasline - 9/7/00
May 13, 2000:
Newly installed monitoring well
Sludge from creosote plume

January 21, 2000:
Equipment used in testingMonitoring well testsCollecting arsenic samples

January 14, 2000:
Drilling RigRemoval of Contaminated SoilSoil Sample Screening
Ditch Excavation of Arsenic.mpg

Soil Sampling.mpg
December 10, 1999:
Screen operation picture.Screening operation briefing.
Screening operation.MPG - Screening operation.MPG

December 3, 1999:
Drain pipe blockageInstalling new catch basinSeparator drain pipe prior to cleaning

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