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Anderson-Calhoun Mine and Mill

Non Time Critical Removal Action
Leadpoint, Washington

The Anderson-Calhoun Mine and Mill Superfund Site is a former open pit lead and zinc mine/mill located approximately 1 mile north of Leadpoint, in Stevens County, Washington.

Early Cleanup

Health Risks
EPA conducted a removal action at the Site in 2002 to keep people from being exposed to contamination from electrical transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), 55-gallon drums full or partially filled with hazardous substances, and a bunkered oil storage tank.

Contamination Study
Topographical map of the Anderson-Calhoun Mine area. Click to enlarge.After the immediate threats were addressed by the removal action, other potential hazards still needed more study. The other hazards include an evaporation and settlement pond, tailings piles, an assay lab dump and debris pile, an oil-stained area near the drum stockpile, sediment and surface water in wetlands and North Fork Deep Creek, drainage ditches, and water-filled mine pits. The 2007 study, called an Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA), looked at the type and amount of contamination, and cleanup alternatives. The EE/CA was prepared by three of the potentially responsible parties for this site: Blue Tee Corporation, Combustion Engineering Incorporated, and Goldfield Corporation. The EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Washington State Department of Ecology worked together to oversee the EE/CA process.

Final Cleanup Plans
EPA is currently developing the final cleanup plans to deal with the remaining hazards on site. The proposed cleanup is described in the 2007 EE/CA report. Cleanup activities could start in 2008 and will be announced on this website as they commence.

How You Can Be Involved and Stay Informed About the Cleanup
If you have questions or want to know more about the site, please contact us (see Contacts below). For details on how we will keep the community informed, please take a look at our Community Involvement Plan below. We welcome your comments and questions on this Plan and on the cleanup. Be sure to check back to this webpage for project updates.

Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) Report (PDF) (52pp, 420KB) - April 2007 Community Involvement Plan (PDF) (6 pp. 131K) - Summer 2007


Earl Liverman
On-Scene Coordinator
(208) 664-4858 or call toll-free 1(800) 424-4372

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