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Gasco is a former manufactured gas plant which deposited wastes into upland tar ponds for many years. The site is located near river mile 6.5 between the St. Johns and Railroad bridges on the southwest side of the Willamette River. The tar ponds overflowed into the Willamette River for decades. The overflow remnants were visible during low river stages and were eroding. Removal tar deposits in the river was completed in the fall of 2005 (brown material in the picture at the right).

Proposed Removal Action: Gasco Sediments Site Draft Engineering Evaluation /Cost Analysis (EE/CA Report, draft, undergoing EPA review for incorporation into the Harborwide Feasibility Study (PDF) (2355 pp, 81MB) - May 2012
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Final GASCO Oversight Report (PDF)(10pp. 312KB to start) - November 2006
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