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Camp Bonneville Site

Site Contacts

Monica Tonel (
EPA Site Assessment Manager, 206-553-0323

Eric Waehling (, U.S. Army Site Lead, 253-966-1732

Barry Rogowski
Washington Department of Ecology, Lead Oversight Agency

Jerry Barnett, Clark County

Site Summary: In August 2011, EPA completed field sampling activities at Camp Bonneville, a 3,840 acre site located in Vancouver, Clark County, Washington. A report summarizing EPA's findings is posted below. The report is also available for review at the WSU Vancouver Library, 14202 NE Salmon Creek Ave., Vancouver, WA 98686, 360-546-9686, and at the EPA Superfund Records Center, 1200 Sixth Ave., Seattle, WA 98101, 206-553-4494 or toll-free 800-424-4372; call for an appointment. For more information, contact Monica Tonel at ( or 206-553-0323.

Fact Sheets:

Site Assessment Reports Where to Review Hard Copy Documents

    WSU Vancouver Library
    14204 NE Salmon Creek Ave
    Vancouver, WA 98686
Photo Gallery
Items found in December 2002:
photo - rusted chunks of metal in shapes of canister, strapping, bullet, and pins.  It contained frag, bomb fuze components, flares, grenade spoons and small arms.
Kickouts of ordnance related scrap approximately 525 feet from demolition area 1.
photo - evergreen plants near culvert camophlaging partially buried 2.36" high explosive rocket commonly known as a "Bazooka" round.  Next to it is .25 lbs of plastic explosive and detonating cord later used  for emergency disposal.
A 2.36" Rocket which was determined to be "Unexploded Ordnance" (Fired armed and did not function) It was found near demolition area 1 during monitoring well installation.
graphic - shell drawings from different angles
Shell, fixed, 37-MM, HE, MK II

2002-2003 Restoration Advisory Board Meetings: Closeout Documents Related Information

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