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American Crossarm & Conduit Co.

Site Update

Fourth Five-Year Review Completed for American Crossarm & Conduit Company

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has inspected the environmental cleanup at the American Crossarm & Conduit Company Superfund Site (ACC) as part of its fourth Five-Year Review. The EPA reviews the site every five years to ensure that cleanup measures continue to protect people and the environment. Cleanup was completed in 1996 and those efforts addressed:

  • Water, soil and sediment contamination;
  • The safe disposal of contaminated materials;
  • A contaminated landfill area;
  • The possibility of unhealthy air in buildings; and
  • Access, use, and safety issues.

The 2014 site inspection confirmed that conditions remain safe and past cleanup measures continue to be effective. The report for the 2014 Five-Year Review (PDF) (65 pp, 3MB) is complete and available.

Site Summary

The American Crossarm & Conduit Company site is located on 16 acres of land in Chehalis, Washington. The site consisted of a wood treatment facility, a factory, a cooling shed, drying kilns, and an impoundment for surface runoff and wastewater. EPA finished remedial cleanup of this site in 1996.

Crossarm began operations in 1948, primarily as a treatment facility for utility pole crossarms. Originally, the crossarms were pressure-treated with creosote. Later, the process used pentachlorophenol (PCP). Beginning in 1952, Crossarm deposited solid waste on the property just south of the factory area. In 1983, wood treatment activities ended. During a flood in 1986, waters from the nearby Chehalis River flowed onto the site and were contaminated with PCP and diesel fuel. Residential and commercial neighborhoods to the north and the northeast were affected by the contamination transported by the flood. A site fire in 1987 left some of the kilns exposed. After 1987, the site was operated as a salvage yard; cars and other machinery were stored in the old factory.

Apartment buildings and approximately 200 homes are located in residential neighborhoods to the northeast and east of the facility. A softball field is next to the eastern boundary of the site. Dillenbaugh Creek, which empties into the Chehalis River less than one mile downstream from the site, is approximately 500 feet away. A stormwater runoff lagoon, contaminated by Crossarm activities, is a backwater associated with Dillenbaugh Creek.

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