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Teledyne Wah Chang

Millersburg, Oregon

Site Contacts

Ravi Sanga (
EPA Project Manager

Site Summary

The Teledyne Wah Chang Superfund Site is located in Millersburg, Oregon. The site is listed on EPA’s National Priorities List of the nation’s most contaminated hazardous waste sites.

The site was contaminated by wastes from a metals production plant, including radionuclides and volatile organic compounds. These contaminants impacted site groundwater, sediments, and soils.

Cleanups took place during the mid and late 1990s. The cleanup combined soil excavation, installation of a system that extracts and treats contaminated groundwater, and land use restrictions. Teledyne Wah Chang is monitoring groundwater.

Five Year Reviews

EPA is starting the latest "protectiveness review" (known as a Five Year Review) for the Teledyne Wah Chang Superfund Site. We invite your input. Protectiveness reviews assess sites every five years to ensure cleanups continue to be protective of human health and the environment.

We want to keep you informed. Also, you may have information helpful to the review team. Please contact Ravi Sanga at 206-553-4092 before April 30, 2017 if you have anything you would like us to consider during our review.

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