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The Arkema site is a former pesticide manufacturing facility located on the southwest bank of the Willamette River near the railroad bridge. The site has very high levels of DDT and breakdown products, monochlorobenzene, chrome, and perchlorate contributing to acute toxicity across the entire site in water. An early action is underway to address this "hot spot" within Portland Harbor.

Removal Action Documents

In March 2014 EPA and Arkema agreed to terminate the Arkema early action Administrative Order and Agreement on Consent.  One of the terms of the agreement included an agreement by EPA that Arkema could submit a work plan for one final sampling effort for EPA review and approval or disapproval. Arkema prepared and submitted a proposed work plan for this field sampling in April 2014. In June 2014 EPA did not approve Arkema’s work plan for the sampling effort. Arkema disputed EPA’s decision.  Their dispute requested that EPA allow them to conduct all the sampling they requested and include the results in the Harbor wide Remedial Investigation /Feasibility Study.  

On December 15, 2014, EPA determined that sampling for Arkema could proceed, and while the data are not necessary for completion of the site wide remedial investigation/feasibility study, they may be useful for pre-remedial design and remedial design. Please see the decision memo for more information (PDF) (11 pp, 420 KB).

Final Decision On Disputes of February 19,2008 and March 27,2008 by Legacy Site Services LLC (LSS) Regarding U.S. EPA Region 10 Docket No. CERCLA 10-2005-0191, May 23, 2008 (11pp, 1.8MB) This report is large and is recommended only for those with broadband.

Arkema EECA Workplan (PDF) (30 pp. 1MB to start) This report is large and is recommended only for those with broadband. -May 11, 2007

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