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 Naugatuck,  Connecticut
 New Haven County
 Street Address: HUNTERS MTN RD
 Zip Code: 06770

 EPA ID #: CTD980521165
 Site ID #: 0100232
 Site Aliases: Murthas Hunter Mountain Landfill, Laurel Park Landfill

 Site Responsibility: Federal, State, Potentially Responsible Parties

 Proposed Date 10/23/1981
 Final Date 09/08/1983

Site Description
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The Laurel Park, Inc. site is a landfill that occupies approximately 20 acres of a 35-acre parcel of land. The landfill has been in existence since the late 1940s, and several industries disposed of solvents, oils, hydrocarbons, chemical and liquid sludge, chemical solids, tires, and rubber products there. The facility continued to operate as a municipal landfill until 1987. The centrally developed portion of the Town of Naugatuck, which has an estimated population of 26,500 people, is located approximately 1 mile northeast of the site. Homes are located around three sides of the landfill. Approximately 50 homes are located within a 1/4-mile radius of the site, with the closest residents located approximately 1,000 feet from the site. The nearest homes used groundwater from private wells as a drinking water source, but have since been connected to the public water supply. The homes at the bottom of Huntington Hill, downslope of the landfill, are served by a public water supply line. Most of the area immediately bordering the site is forested.

Threats and Contaminants
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The on-site soil and leachate are contaminated with inorganic and organic chemicals including dichloroethane and benzene. Groundwater and surface water are contaminated with heavy metals, including calcium and magnesium, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as toluene and acetone. Health threats included coming into direct contact with, drinking, or accidentally ingesting contaminated groundwater, surface water, soils, and leachate. Forested areas surrounding the site were once threatened by runoff of site contamination. Now that the landfill cap and leachate collection have been completed, there are no threats of contamination due to surface contact.

Cleanup Approach
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The site was remediated in three stages: initial actions and two long-term remedial phases. focusing on fencing a portion of the site, installing a water line, building a sewer and source control and groundwater treatment.

Response Action Status
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Initial Action Under a court order, a leachate collection system was built in 1984 to capture contaminants leaching from the landfill area into the groundwater and other site areas. Additionally, the potentially responsible parties provided bottled water to area residents affected by the contaminated drinking water supply. During the summer and fall of 1996, the leachate system was upgraded and reconstructed as part of the site remediation.

Fencing, Water Line, and Sewer Treatment The potentially responsible parties fenced a leachate seep in 1986 and installed a water supply line in 1989. All of the homes are hooked up, with the exception of three residences whose owners refused to be connected to the system. There is no hook-up fee, but the homeowners do have to pay for municipal water use. The potentially responsible parties built a sewer line in 1990 to carry leachate from the site to the Naugatuck Water Pollution Control facility for treatment.

Source Control and Groundwater Treatment In November 1997, the potentially responsible parties finished the remedy selected by the EPA to control the source of contamination and to treat groundwater. The remedy included the construction of a synthetic cap over all waste disposal areas, which now prevents contact with surface water and groundwater; a leachate collection system was installed which is connected to a sewer line that leads to the Naugatuck Water Pollution Control Facility; and a series of groundwater extraction wells collect water that discharges to the leachate collection system. Now that construction has been completed, the potentially responsible parties, with supervision from EPA and Connecticut Department Energy of Environmental Protection, are responsible for operating and maintaining the site, which will, among other things, include on going sampling and analysis of air, ground water and surface water.

Enforcement HighlightsIn the early 1960s, citizens began to complain about odors, fires, spills, and runoff from the site. In 1985, Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc., a potentially responsible party, entered into an Administrative Consent Order with the EPA to conduct an investigation into the type and extent of contamination at the site. In 1987, the EPA issued an Administrative Order on Consent to potentially responsible parties for construction of a water line. In 1989, the State and Uniroyal agreed to equally fund the installation of a sewer line to convey leachate from the landfill. In 1991, 19 potentially responsible parties signed a Consent Decree and the accompanying Administrative Order to conduct the technical design of the remedy.

Environmental Progress
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Initial actions to provide safe drinking water and to control leachate from the landfill have reduced the immediate threats at the Laurel Park, Inc. site. The landfill cap, the groundwater extraction system and the leachate collection system now eliminate the risk of direct exposure to any contaminants making it safer to the nearby residents and the environment. On-site wetlands were also recreated to replace wetlands destroyed or damaged during landfill cap construction.

Current Site Status
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In November 1997 the remedy, which included a landfill cap, the leachate collection system and a series of extraction wells, was completed. The leachate collection system, which was upgraded in 1998, continues to be operational. The most recent five-year review of the site was completed in September 2008. The review concluded that the cleanup actions being implemented at the site remain protective of public health and the environment. Long-term groundwater monitoring at the Site is being performed.

Site Photos
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Links to Other Site Information
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Site Repositories
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Howard Wittemore Library, 243 Church Street, Naugatuck, CT 06770

OSRR Records and Information Center, 1st Floor, 5 Post Office Square, Suite 100 (HSC), Boston, MA 02109-3912 (617) 918-1440

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