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Meriden,  Connecticut
New Haven County
Street Address: 77 Cooper Street
Zip Code: 06450

EPA ID #: CTN000105724
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The Factory H Site consists of a 76,000 square foot building (building A) made up of 3 connected multi-story buildings. It is located in a mixed residential and commercial zone. The contaminants of concern are friable asbestos, and asbestos containing material (ACM). The Site is inactive and abandoned and is part of the former “International Silver Company” which is comprised of approximately 7.2 acres.

In 2004, various removal activities were conducted at the Site under supervision from the State of Connecticut. However, the funding was exhausted prior to the full remediation of the Site.

In April 2007, due to the site conditions and potential threat of release of the hazardous materials from the site, the EPA Brownfields Program referred the site to the EPRB for further investigation. EPA conducted sampling at the site; where a total of 39 samples were taken. Twenty one samples were analyzed for asbestos. All but 2 of these samples contained amosite and chrysotile asbestos, with the highest concentration of 45% chrysotile. Eighteen samples were taken for heavy metals (lead) and all of those samples revealed lead levels ranging from 450 mg/Kg to 6,600 mg/Kg. The concentrations of hazardous substances detected at the site are above the CTDEP Remediation Standards.

The presence of friable asbestos and ACM in the building constitutes a potential threat to public health. Currently there is a high potential for release of asbestos fibers by air suspension, especially during dry periods. There are private residences approximately 50 feet from the site. Portions of the roof and most of the glass windows are either missing or broken from vandalism activities.

At this time, neither the City of Meriden (the current property owner) nor the State of Connecticut has the resources available to address the contamination at the Site. EPA will therefore conduct this removal as a fund-lead action. The proposed actions will protect public health, welfare and the environment by removing and disposing of the asbestos.

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Athanasios Hatzopoulos
On-Scene Coordinator
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