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PLAINFIELD,  New Hampshire
Street Address: 141 RIVER ROAD
Zip Code: 03781

EPA ID #: NHN000103118
Site ID #: 0103118
Site Alias:

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The site is a 15-acre parcel of farmland located at 141 River Road in rural Plainfield, New Hampshire, and consists of a box trailer truck filled with approximately 60 leaking 55-gallon drums containing assorted volatile organic substances. The site is 50 feet north of the Former B&S Leasing Corporation Site on Route 12A. The area surrounding the box trailer is a mixture of active farm land to the north and east, tall trees and wetlands. There are no buildings or distinguishing features at the site, and property access is not restricted. The site is in the flood plain of the Connecticut River within 1,000 feet of the river. An intermittent stream passing within 10 feet of the box trailer flows through a wetland into the River. The closest residence is within 200 feet. There are 13 homes within a quarter-mile radius, all utilizing ground water wells. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discovered the site while investigating the former B&S Leasing Corporation/former Berwick & Sons, Inc., drum recycling facility property which abuts the Site to the South. In 1981, Paul and Nancy Franklin purchased the site property. In order to be able to afford the property, they subdivided it into three parcels and sold Lot #3 consisting of 15-acres (the Site) to Berwick & Sons, Inc. In May 1995, the Franklins repurchased Lot #3 from Mundaca Investment Corporation under a foreclosure deed after the Berwick entities went bankrupt. The parcel, when repurchased, was littered with abandoned truck bodies, fuel tanks, and abandoned drums. According to local officials, the Franklins attempted to restore the property to its original condition. In the process of cleaning the site, substantial amounts of contaminated soil, scrap metal, trucks and other assorted junk were removed. Numerous 55-gallon drums were collected and had been stored in the previously-mentioned box trailer truck since 1995. The drums were reported to contain waste oil, anti-freeze, paint thinners, solvents and assorted waste resulting from the Berwicks trucking and drum reconditioning businesses.

Current Status
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A short term cleanup (REMOVAL) at the site was started on 4/30/01 and completed on 5/24/01.

On April 18, 2001, EPA and New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NH DES) personnel investigated a nearby surface spring being utilized as a primary residential drinking water source and identified a heavy solvent odor being released from a trailer truck. On April 19, 2001, NH DES requested that EPA initiate a fund-lead removal action at the site. On April 20, EPA further investigated the leaking box trailer truck and drums, and identified over 60 drums tightly packed within the box truck giving off heavy organic odors. From April 30, 2001, to May 24, 2001, EPA conducted a time-critical removal action consisting of: sampling drums and containers as necessary; overpacking and stabilizing drums and containers; and transporting and disposing of all hazardous substances at an EPA-approved disposal facility. Wastes removed during this cleanup included: 1,327 gallons combustibles liquid; one fiber pak (1 cubic yard) hazardous waste solid; one 55-gallon hazardous waste sludge; fifty-four empty, used drums; and five 55-gallon drums, solid, state regulated hazardous waste.

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