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TAUNTON,  Massachusetts
Street Address: 340 WINTHROP STREET (ROUTE 44)
Zip Code: 02780

EPA ID #: MASFN0103014
Site ID #: 0103014
Site Alias:

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At the request of the State of Massachusetts, the Removal Program initiated a site investigation. The St. Germain Drum site is located approximately 2 1/4 miles from the center of Taunton, Massachusetts, (about 500 feet to the east of the Route 44 Disposal Area Site) at 340 to 350 Winthrop Street, which is also designated as State Route 44. Over 1,000 drums are believed to have been buried between the 1950s and 1972. No cleanup activity has occurred prior to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) involvement. An unnamed brook bisects the property, and drains to the Three Mile River approximately 1,000 feet to the north. There are homes within 200 feet of the site, 118 people within a one-quarter mile radius, and 2,636 people within one mile. Several hazardous substances have been found in drums. Drums have been determined to contain waste that is flammable, and volatile organic contaminants at concentrations exceeding 10,000 parts per million. A Superfund Removal Action was initiated by EPA. Based on the information collected, EPA was able to arrange for work at the St. Germain Site to be completed by a potentially responsible party.

Current Status
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A short term cleanup (REMOVAL) at the site was started on 12/20/99 and completed on 11/27/00.
A short term cleanup (PRP REMOVAL) at the site was started on 11/27/00.

Between late December 1999 and March 2000, 732 drums were excavated, sampled, analyzed, and shipped off site for treatment or disposal by EPA. Based on evidence gathered while excavating drums, EPA negotiated the completion of the project by the company that generated and shipped waste to the site, saving millions of Superfund dollars. EPA shipped 732 drums of chemical waste and 120 cubic yards of contaminated empty drums off-site for treatment or disposal. EPA shipped 47,000 gallons of contaminated water off-site for treatment.

In August 2002, Zeneca Inc. completed its $12 million cleanup. The work was performed under a consent agreement with EPA in which Zeneca Inc. hired a contractor to excavate buried drums on the property that contained chemicals, and properly dispose of them at a licensed facility. The deteriorated drums contained volatile organic chemicals, such as toluene, acetone, chlorobenzene, naphthalene, and 1,2,4 trichlorobenzene. In total, 2,573 drums were excavated, 11,407 tons of contaminated soil and sheared drums were shipped off site for disposal, and a total of 194,119 gallons of groundwater was treated on-site. To date Zeneca spent nearly $12 million for the cleanup. In the early phases of the cleanup work, EPA incurred expenses of $777,000.

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