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Street Address: 51 DEXTER ROAD
Zip Code: 02914

EPA ID #: RI5000000737
Site ID #: 0103141
Site Alias:

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The T.D. Mack Site is a defunct chemical distribution and repackaging warehouse and is located at 51 Dexter Road in East Providence, Rhode Island. The property, which is approximately 2 acres in size, includes three one-story, woodframe and corrugated aluminum buildings. Two of the three buildings were condemned by the City in 2000 and the sprinkler system is no longer working in any of the buildings. During EPA's initial visit on June 7, 2001, access was essentially unlimited to this site where hundreds of containers of various hazardous chemicals were staged around the property. There was also evidence of spills throughout the site as seen by product outside of dilapidated containers, stained containers, visual staining and product on the ground, strong odors, and areas of dead vegetation. Container labels indicated that the following substances are present at the site: sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, fluorosilic acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, ammonium fluoride, ammonium hydroxide, acetone, tetrahydrofuran, xylenes, potassium chlorates, ammonium thiosulfate, sodium nitrite, and hydrofluoric acid.

Current Status
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A short term cleanup (REMOVAL) at the site was started on 6/7/01.

June 7, 2001: EPA issued a verbal task order to their cleanup contractor to provide emergency site security (security guard service and fencing) and followed that up in writing the following day.
June 18, 2001: The Action Memorandum which specified the emergency actions and long term removal actions was signed by the acting Division Director authorizing expenditures of up to $1,580,000 for this action.
July 11, 2001: The president of the companies that both owned and operated the site informed EPA that the two companies had declared bankruptcy, and he himself, as president, had also declared personal bankruptcy.
July 23, 2001: EPA’s contractors inventoried the chemicals and containers while beginning site stabilization activities.
August 28, 2001: EPA began off-site shipment of empty drums/containers and drums/containers with known product. 902 empty containers (457 55- gallon steel/fiber/poly drums, 441 30- gallon poly drums, 4 200- gallon poly totes) were loaded and shipped off-site for shredding and landfill disposal. 107 drums were shipped off-site for disposal. 103 of those were assorted acids (sulfuric, phosphoric, fluorosilic, and hydrochloric) and the remaining four were lab pack drums containing assorted small chemical containers.
September 20, 2001: 128 various sized containers (55 gallon drums, 200 gallon totes, 5,15, and 30-gallon containers, one cubic yard box) were transported off-site for disposal. Chemicals included acids, caustics, acetone, and assorted compounds.
September 24 and 25, 2001: 2 rolloffs of non-Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, non-Department of Transportation regulated solids (pollutants and contaminants) were transported off-site for landfill disposal.
October 10, 2001: EPA’s cleanup contractor began on-site hazard categorization of unknown product.
October 18, 2001: At EPA’s request, a manufacturer of some of the chemicals found on-site retrieved their product for disposal purposes. Ashland Chemical, a manufacturer and/or transporter of a number of chemicals found on site, transported 10 55- gallon drums and one 5-gallon container off-site for disposal. In addition, a local business retrieved a drum of product that will be used in its processes.
February 11, 2002: EPA's cleanup contractor and their subcontractor were on-site to bulk like materials, repackage unshippable containers, and complete a final inventory of the remaining containers.
February 26, 2002: 106 various sized containers were transported off-site for disposal in addition to 136 empty containers. This completed this phase of the removal as all of the drums/containers/jars, etc. have been disposed of. Samples of surface soil and interior dust and dirt have been collected and analyzed. Additional sampling and analysis is necessary to delineate the extent of contamination.

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