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Williamstown,  Massachusetts
No County Named
Street Address: 330 Cole Avenue
Zip Code: 01267

EPA ID #: MAD098355878
Site ID #: 015M
Site Alias:

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The Photech Site is located at 330 Cole Avenue (N 42.7183 latitude, W 73.1897 longitude) in a low density urban residential area approximately 1 mile northeast of the town center. According to 2000 census data, Williamstown has an approximate population of 8,424. Cole Avenue is a main thoroughfare for this part of town with a steady flow of traffic; it bridges the Hoosic River immediately north of the Site and then intersects with another heavily-traveled road. The Site is bordered to the northeast/east by the Hoosic River; the southwest by homes; and the northwest/north by Cole Avenue.

The approximately ten acre site has been occupied and unoccupied at various times since 1906 by a series of companies whose operations included textile and photographic film & paper manufacturing. The mill building complex consists of a three-story brick mill building built circa the 1860's and a four-story addition built circa 1944. The Site was abandoned in 1990 and has been vacant since that time.

EPA performed a Site Inspection and Removal Action from September 1997 to February 1998, which consisted of the removal/disposal of hazardous liquids, sludges, gases and a small amount of asbestos-containing materials (ACM). EPA removed the following:

• 1,800 pounds of lab-packed materials;
• 500 empty drums and 32 drums of hazardous materials;
• 188 tons of treatment basin sludges;
• 40 cubic yards of ACM;
• 40,000 gallons of industrial wastewater were filtered and discharged into the sanitary sewer system in coordination with the Hoosic Water Quality District;
• Eight compressed gas cylinders including Freon, methanol, hydrogen and ammonia; and
• 30 cubic yards of used personal protective equipment.

Under a State grant in 2002-2003, a contractor for the Town (Tighe and Bond Consulting Engineers) performed the following activities:

• Removed residual contaminated soils on site;
• Removed soils contaminated with metals from the riverbank;
• Stabilized the riverbank;
• Confirmed widespread ACM in the Mill building; and
• Removed ACM from the north and south portions of the building.

During the ACM abatement, it was noted that the center portion of the building was not structurally sound. In light of the received State grant being less than 50% of the amount requested, the town deferred ACM abatement in the center portion until other portions of the project were completed to ensure enough funds remained. Ultimately, grant funds were exhausted on other portions of the project and the center portion of the mill was not addressed.

In August 2003, town officials, in coordination with the Brownfields program, requested EPA Region 1 Emergency Planning & Response Branch assistance because the ACM containing center portion of the mill complex collapsed. On August 26, 2003, OSC Barry conducted a preliminary assessment of the Site that included a site tour, file review, and interviews with Town Officials and town contractors. Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) officials also participated in the site tour. Based on site conditions, OSC Barry recommended a time critical removal action in a Closure Memo dated October 14, 2003.

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