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Pittsfield,  Massachusetts
Berkshire County
Street Address:
Zip Code: 01201

EPA ID #: MAN000105856
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The 50 East Mill Street Site (the Site) is located at 50 East Mill Street, in Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. It is located just south of the intersection of Henry Avenue and East Mill Street. The geographic coordinates of the Site, as measured from the approximate center of the property, are 42 26′ 35.2″ north latitude and 73 15′ 36.4″ west longitude. The Site is located in a predominantly residential area located approximately 0.5 mile south of downtown Pittsfield. It is bordered by Atwood Avenue and residential housing to the east, East Mill Street and residential housing to the north, and the West Branch of the Housatonic River to the west and south. Two buildings are present: a multi-story former mill building and a four-bay garage. The mill building and four-bay garage were or are connected to city utilities (water and sewer), with electrical power provided by overhead wire.

The former mill building had been significantly destroyed by an October 2004 fire and subsequent water damage. Sections of the building had collapsed; and much of the support structure (metal beams, etc.) had been noticeably compromised. The four-bay garage was vacant, although the interior showed signs of trespassing, including empty beer cans and cigarette butts. A small pile of soil is located approximately 100 feet north of the garage. On September 15, 2007, another fire occurred in the mill building which caused more sections to collapse and further.

Current Status
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SDMS 454338
View of the demolition of the top floor of the main building. Photograph taken facing the northwest (5.27.08)

SDMS 454339
View of the demolition of the second floor of the main building. Photograph taken facing the northwest (5.27.08)
SDMS 454340
View of the bottom floor of the main mill building. Photograph taken facing the northwest (5.28.08)

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