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NEW BEDFORD,  Massachusetts
Street Address: 45 COVE STREET
Zip Code: 02744

EPA ID #: MAD985275015
Site ID #: 0102899
Site Alias:

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The Dartmouth Finishing Site is located at 45 Cove Street in the City of New Bedford, at approximately 41E 37' 05" latitude, 70E 54' 52" longitude. This property is described by Bristol County Registry of Deeds Book 3569, Page 170. It is situated approximately one-quarter mile from the point where the Acushnet River empties into New Bedford Harbor. The site is made up of the building that housed Dartmouth Finishing Corporation. It is bounded on the south by Cove Street, and on the remaining three sides with similar brick buildings. The site is an abandoned, one-story brick building with a full basement located in an industrial park consisting of similar one- and two-story buildings, each housing one or more businesses. Located on a parcel of land approximately 188,000 square feet in size, the Dartmouth Finishing building occupies approximately 160,000 square feet. Tests performed on samples collected by EPA from containers at this site indicate hazardous substances present include but are not limited to corrosive chemicals (pH < 2.0), ignitible chemicals (flashpoint <140 " F), and xylene (84%). A partial list of the names of chemicals found on drums during the PA/SI include, acetic acid, sodium hydroxide, and xylene.

Current Status
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A short term cleanup (REMOVAL) at the site was started on 3/16/97 and completed on 7/17/97.

Shipment of materials off-site included: 119 drums for re-use (estimated savings of $15,500.00); 430 drums for disposal (includes those found on-site, generated from cleanup activities, and lab-packed small containers); 8,526 gallons chemicals from tanks; 15,000 gallons of wastewater from vats (approximate); 9.5 cubic yards of asbestos, grossly contaminated wood, and lab-packed small containers; 20 cubic yards of personnel protective equipment; 238 empty, contaminated drums for disposal; and, 38 empty drums for re-use.

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