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NASHUA,  New Hampshire
Street Address: 46 BRIDGE STREET
Zip Code: 03060

EPA ID #: NH0002007169
Site ID #: 0102924
Site Alias:

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The site consists of an approximately 800-foot section of river front property along the Nashua River. The contaminated section of river is located approximately 400 feet north of the former Johns Manville Manufacturing facility (Manville facility) and is 0.25 miles upstream from its confluence with the Merrimack River. Located directly across the Nashua River is a condominium complex and a playground. The site has unrestricted access and is a popular fishing area for residents and an area frequented by teenagers. The site is currently owned by Riverside Properties of Nashua, Inc., and was formerly owned by Maine Manufacturing Company Inc. The former Manville facility discharged asbestos-containing material (ACM) from its manufacturing processes through a 24-inch diameter outfall pipe which transected the former Maine Manufacturing Company property to the Nashua River. This activity continued from the early 1900s to the early 1970s. As a result of the discharge, the riverbed became heavily contaminated with asbestos. In September 1995, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) collected soil and sediment samples along the southern bank of the river in the vicinity of the former outfall pipe. Sample results indicated that asbestos contamination was present. An extent of contamination survey was conducted along a portion of the northern bank of the river and in a selected area established along a flood control dike located south of the river. Based on analytical data, asbestos was detected along the riverbank at concentrations up to 71% asbestos in surface soils and up to 30% in sediments. Large quantities of asbestos, representing a layer several feet thick, were visible along the bank upstream and downstream of the outfall pipe. Visible asbestos contamination was also noted extending up the steeply sloped embankment (above normal water levels). In September 1997, due to the hazards associated with asbestos exposure, as well as the frequency of use of the property (by people fishing and/or visiting), EPA entered into an Interagency Agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to perform a time-critical removal action at the site.

Current Status
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A short term cleanup (REMOVAL) at the site was started on 12/15/97 and completed on 8/16/01.

EPA excavated a 940-foot stretch of the Nashua River of ACM and coal tar contaminated sediments. ACM was transported to a local landfill and the coal tar sediments were transported to an out of State landfill. EPA collected 562 air samples which were analyzed for asbestos during the removal activities. Analytical results indicated that no releases to the ambient air occurred.
Collected over 334 soil samples to ensure that cleanup levels were achieved during the removal activities. In Spring of 1999, restoration activities began which included the planting of trees and shrubs. In Spring of 2001, conducted inspection of riverbank. Due to large beaver population and late planting of trees, some of the trees planted previously were destroyed which required additional planting of trees. On August 16, 2001, final restoration completed. As part of the cleanup, 7,009 tons of contaminated soil and sediment containing asbestos and 1,587 tons of river sediment containing coal tar compounds were removed.

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