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HAMDEN,  Connecticut
Zip Code: 06517

EPA ID #: CTN000103143
Site ID #: 0103143
Site Alias:

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The site consists of nine (9) individual residential properties situated on Bryden Terrace, Winchester Avenue, Marlboro Street and Morse Street in the Town of Hamden, Connecticut. The site is located within a residential area believed to be partly underlaid by landfill materials, which were suspected of being a contaminant source. Aerial photographs from the 1930's showed that the area east of the Hamden Middle School was historically wetlands. During the 1940's and 1950's, different areas of the nearby Hamden Middle School, Rochford Field and Rochford Field annex properties were reportedly used for the disposal of household and industrial wastes. Since approximately 1979, the Town of Hamden, the State and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have conducted several environmental investigations at the Hamden Middle School athletic fields, and have documented elevated levels of metals including lead, arsenic, mercury, and chromium. In addition, some low levels of volatile organic compounds and semi-volatile organic compounds below current Connecticut Remediation Standard Regulations were detected in and near a surface depression area on the school fields. Since December 2000, the State has been responding to perceived (by residents) health issues suspected of being caused by the landfill. The fact that the neighborhood had been built over a landfill was resurrected when sampling related to an expansion of Hamden Middle School revealed contamination from the underlying landfill on school property. The State’s initial work focused on defining health conditions (found acceptable) at the Hamden Middle School, sampling soccer and baseball fields and conducting depth sampling in the residential area right-of ways to determine the extent of landfill materials. The Town placed clean fill over a small contaminated area adjacent to the school. In April 2001 and at the request of the State, EPA conducted an investigation of surface soil contamination on three (3) residential areas neighboring the Middle School that were suspected of being located over the landfill. EPA identified eight (8) residential properties with contamination from the landfill of up to 4,700 parts per million lead in the surface soil and high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) contaminants in two (2) of the same properties. In addition, high levels of PAH contaminants were measured at one spot below an asphalt driveway of one other residential property. In order to eliminate short term exposure threats posed to public health or welfare or the environment, based on the high levels of lead and PAH’s in surface soils, EPA initiated a time-critical removal action in August 2001.

Current Status
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A short term cleanup (REMOVAL) at the site was started on 8/13/01.

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