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Portland,  Maine
Cumberland County
Street Address: 143 Fore Street
Zip Code: 04101

EPA ID #: MED001108463
Site ID #:
Site Alias:
Environmental Indicators Status: Current Human Exposures Under Control = YES, Groundwater Release Under Control = YES

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American Hoist and Derrick in Portland (4 acres) manufactured steel, galvanized steel and industrial hardware. The facility generated spent pickle liquor, solvents, coolants nitric and sulfuric acid and metals as wastes. These waste were stored in a 50,000 gallon concrete tank and two 10,000 gallon underground storage tanks. A buried railroad car was used to store fuel oil on-site. Human exposures to contaminants have been controlled at the facility as a result of previous investigation and cleanup activities. Documentation is currently being prepared that will conclude that contaminants released to the groundwater are being controlled.

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OSRR Records and Information Center, 1st Floor, 5 Post Office Square, Suite 100 (HSC), Boston, MA 02109-3912 (617) 918-1440

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Stephanie Carr
EPA Project Manager
Address: US Environmental Protection Agency
5 Post Office Square, Suite 100
Mail Code: OSRR07-3
Boston, MA 02109-3912
Phone #:617-918-1363
E-Mail Address:carr.stephanie@epa.gov

Stacy Ladner
State Contact
Address:ME Department of Environmental Protection
State House, Station 17
Augusta, ME 04333
Phone #:207-287-2651
E-Mail Address:

Bruce Fraser
Facility Contact
Address:143 Fore Street
Portland, ME 04101
Phone #:207-773-1791
E-Mail Address:


Serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, & 10 Tribal Nations
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