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JOHNSTON,  Rhode Island
Zip Code: 02919

EPA ID #: RISFN0103020
Site ID #: 0103020
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The site consists of portions of Peck Hill Road, Shun Pike, and Byron Randall Road in the towns of Johnston and Scituate, Rhode Island. A number of homes in this area had drinking water wells which became contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOC), primarily chlorinated solvents, above drinking water standards. The VOC contamination appears to have originated from the vicinity of the M.E. Adams Company, a manufacturer of screws and other metal products, which has operated in the area since approximately 1950. Little is known about operations or waste disposal practices of the company, except that onsite land disposal of industrial waste formerly occurred. Other than the M.E. Adams facility, land use in the area is residential. Although Johnston has a public water supply system, Scituate does not. Therefore, all of the affected families in Scituate and some of the families in Johnston (those who had not yet been able to connect to the system) relied on their wells for drinking water. The State of Rhode Island, which had been providing bottled water to the affected homes on an interim basis, asked that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) take the lead at the site and provide a safe alternate water supply. Due to threats posed by the contamination to the residents, EPA initiated a time-critical removal action.

Current Status
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A short term cleanup (REMOVAL) at the site was started on 1/6/00 and completed on 9/26/01.

EPA’s first action was to connect the three homes with the most highly contaminated wells to existing water mains in Johnston.
EPA then conducted an area-wide well sampling program and a hydrogeologic investigation to determine the extent of contamination and the expected path of migration of the VOC plume. With the cooperation of the state, the towns of Scituate and Johnston as well as the Providence Water Supply Board, EPA extended water mains from Johnston into the affected area of Scituate and connected the remaining affected homes to the water mains. EPA installed locking caps on the contaminated wells to protect residents from contact with the contaminated water while allowing access for future sampling activities. EPA restored paved surfaces and landscaped areas on residential properties disturbed during water line installation. The towns of Scituate and Johnston repaved the portions of Shun Pike and Byron Randall Road affected by the project.

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Installation of Water Main and Hydrant.

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