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JET-LINE SERVICES (formerly, GEOCHEM; currently, Jones Environmental Services, Inc.)

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Institutional Controls / Activity and Use Limitations Boundaries Map
Lowell,  Massachusetts
Middlesex County
Street Address: 263 Howard Street
Zip Code: 01851

EPA ID #: MAD047075734
Site ID #:
Site Alias: JONES ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES (now, Veridium (www.Veridium.com))
Environmental Indicators Status: Current Human Exposures Under Control = YES, Groundwater Release Under Control = YES

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Jones Environmental Services, Inc. (formerly Jet Line Services; formerly Geochem) is a one to two acre commercial hazardous waste treatment and storage facility. The facility treated and stored a variety of hazardous wastes and is currently being used as a transfer station. Hazardous waste cleanup activities have been proceeding under the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's (MassDEP) Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). The facility is also a participant in EPA's Voluntary corrective Action Program.

In April 2006, the facility submitted final reports associated with it's MCP hazarous waste cleanup activities (Class A-3 RAO). EPA subsequently proposed a "Completion With Controls" final remedy determination for the facility, meaning in this case that Corrective Action was complete except for an Activity and Use Limitation (AUL). EPA sought public comment during a forty-five (45) day public comment period beginning April 21, 2006. EPA received no comments that required modification of the proposal. EPA's proposal and supporting documents are provided below for convenience.

EPA's remedy proposal was simultaneously coordinated with the MassDEP's determination to issue a Hazardous Waste Operating Permit to the facility. EPA's determination became effective on August 9, 2006 which corresponds to the date MassDEP issued the facility a revised "Part B" operating permit. The facility will continue to operate as a licensed hazardous waste TSD facility (i.e., treatment, storage and/or disposal).

Institutional Controls / Activity and Use Limitations Boundaries Map
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EPA New England has mapped the boundaries of RCRA sites where Institutional Controls (IC’s) are required. Through the use of the interactive mapping tool you can determine if the area of your proposed project is within an IC boundary and subject to any activity or use limitations or ICs. Please contact the Facility Manager listed in the Contacts Section below to discuss your project.

Click map below to view boundaries in an interactive map and for more information regarding institutional controls.


Current Status
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The facility was issued a new Part B operating permit on Aug 9, 2006. Corrective Action is "Complete With Controls" See information provided below for further details (under the Section entitled, "Links To Other Information").

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Links to Other Information
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Public Record Locations
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In addition to EPA's own Record Center (provided below), EPA's remedy proposal and supporting documents are also available at:

1 Winter Street
Boston, MA 02108
Attn: James Paterson

OSRR Records and Information Center, 1st Floor, 5 Post Office Square, Suite 100 (HSC), Boston, MA 02109-3912 (617) 918-1440

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Frank Battaglia
EPA Project Manager
Address: 5 Post Office Square, Suite 100, Boston, MA 02109
Phone #:617-918-1362
E-Mail Address:battaglia.frank@epa.gov

Jeff Chorman
State Contact
Address:MassDEP, One Winter Street, Boston, MA 02108
Phone #: 617-292-5888
E-Mail Address:jeffrey chormann

Jim Jones
Facility Contact
Address:441 R. Canton Street, PO Box 847, Stoughton, MA 02072
Phone #:617-344-2510
E-Mail Address:

State ContactJames Paterson
Address:MADEP, One Winter Street, Boston, MA 02108
Phone #:617-556-1096
E-Mail Address:james.paterson@state.ma.us


Serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, & 10 Tribal Nations
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