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BRANFORD,  Connecticut
Street Address: 50 MAPLE STREET
Zip Code: 06405

EPA ID #: CTSFN0103001
Site ID #: 0103001
Site Alias:

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At the request of the Town of Branford, EPA’s Removal Program initiated an investigation of conditions at the site, which is located at 50 Maple Street in the Town of Branford (41E16' 26" latitude, 72E 48' 51" longitude). The MIF facility is made up of many buildings, and operated as a foundry from circa 1850 to circa 1971, when it was abandoned. This site is comprised of buildings #9 and #10, which have degraded considerably, and contain approximately 1900 linear feet and 5900 square feet of asbestos. Businesses, a bike path, and commuter rail station are nearby, and the population within one-quarter mile of the site is estimated to be 567 people. Prior to EPA’s involvement, the town performed a thorough investigation of all facility buildings to identify the nature and location of asbestos, and cleaned up mercury found during that investigation. The state disposed of PCB transformers and 150 drums of waste, both of which were discovered by the town during the asbestos investigation. Based on the inspection and the data provided by the town, a Superfund Removal Action was determined to be appropriate. An administrative order was issued to a responsible party that agreed to perform a removal action.

Current Status
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A short term cleanup (PRP REMOVAL) at the site was started on 9/17/99 and completed on 5/26/00.
A short term cleanup (REMOVAL) at the site was started on 5/26/00 and completed on 8/21/00.

EPA issued an order to the responsible party requiring the removal and disposal of friable asbestos. The responsible party defaulted on the order by failing to pay the asbestos abatement contractor it hired, which then stopped work.
After several efforts to bring the responsible party into compliance, EPA completed the removal and disposal of asbestos.

Wastes shipped off-site included approximately 95 cubic yards of asbestos-containing material to a landfill (80 by the responsible party; 15 by EPA).

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