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PLAINFIELD,  New Hampshire
Street Address: ROUTE 12A
Zip Code: 03781

EPA ID #: NHN000103119
Site ID #: 0103119
Site Alias:

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The site consists of two parcels located on the north and south sides of New Hampshire Route 12-A, approximately two miles south of the Lebanon town line and approximately one-third of a mile from the Connecticut River in Plainfield, Sullivan County, New Hampshire. The parcel on the north side of Route 12-A (Lot 1900) is a 3.5 acre Site that formerly housed B&S Leasing, Inc., a truck leasing operation owned by the Berwick family which operated from 1967 to 1992. The business operated from a one-story, steel and wood frame garage and office building. A fire severely damaged the structure in 1994. All that remains is the steel structure and a small attached building. The parcel on the south side of Route 12-A (Lot 1800) is a 20.4 acre parcel that was the primary residence of Donald and Virginia Berwick. This house is a wooden, two-story structure with an extension in the back that has been unoccupied since 1992. Berwick and Sons, Inc., a drum reconditioning business, operated from the rear extension of the residence from 1959 until 1969. The site is in the flood plain within 1,000 feet of the Connecticut River. An intermittent stream and wetland on the property flows into the Connecticut River. The Berwick family owned the property from 1937 to 1994, when it was taken over by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for default on a loan. In 1995, FDIC transferred the property to Mundaca Investment Corporation, a mortgage lender, which subsequently assigned it to Del Norte, Inc., its affiliate, in 1996. On March 19, 2001, Del Norte transferred the property to Eureka Investments, Inc., an Alaskan corporation, set up to handle Del Norte’s contaminated real estate. Eureka Investments is the current owner of the site.

Current Status
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A short term cleanup (PRP REMOVAL) at the site was started on 10/31/2001.

From April 30 to May 5, 2001, EPA conducted a Removal Program Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation. On September 26, 2001, EPA issued a Unilateral Administrative Order to the Del Norte, Inc., and Eureka Investments, Inc., (property owner) to perform a removal action at the site. On October 31, 2001, ARC Consulting Inc., commenced site cleanup activities at the facility under the direction of the property owner.

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Pile of excavated drum carcasses.

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