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Document Record Detail

Full Document:
RCRA Online Number:12875
To:Sanderson, Region 7
Organization of Recipient:EPA
Description: Automotive fluids are not listed hazardous waste, but they may be characteristic. Some brake and automatic transmission fluids are ignitable (D001). Used crankcase oil may be ignitable and may exhibit EP (extraction procedure) for lead (SUPERSEDED: see 261.24). Used oil (UO) that is recycled by burning is subject to 266 Subpart E; other UO recycling is exempt (SUPERSEDED: see Part 279). Brake fluid, power steering fluid, and automatic transmission fluid would all be considered UO. Antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid are not UO (SEE ALSO: 279.1).
Regulatory Citation(s) : 261.6(a)(4), 261.20, 261.21, 261.22, 261.23, 261.24, 261.31, 261.32, 261.33, 279.1 EXIT disclaimer
Statutory Citation(s):NA Read US Code 42, Chapter 82 EXIT disclaimer
Topic(s):Characteristic Wastes; Corrosive Wastes; F-wastes; Hazardous Waste; Hazardous Waste Recycling; Industrial Wastes; K-wastes; Reactive Wastes; Test Methods; Toxicity Characteristic; Treatment; Used Oil
Approximate Number of Hardcopy Pages:2
EPA Publication Number:NA
RPPC Number (if applicable): 9495.1987(04)
Official OSW Policy:No


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