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Tacoma teacher and educators association win EPA award and grant for innovative environmental education

Release Date: 06/27/2013
Contact Information: Suzanne Skadowski, EPA Public Affairs, 206-553-6689,

(Seattle – June 27, 2013) Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is presenting a presidential environmental education award to teacher Ralph Harrison, at the Science and Math Institute of Tacoma, Washington and awarding an environmental education model grant to E3 Washington.

EPA is presenting the 2013 Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators to Ralph Harrison and the Science and Math Institute, of Tacoma, Washington. The award recognizes and supports teachers and schools using experiential and environmental opportunities with creativity and community engagement to help students develop civic responsibility and ecosystem stewardship. The award includes $2,000 to promote Mr. Harrison’s professional development in environmental education and $2,000 to the Science and Math Institute for environmental education programs.

Today, EPA is also awarding a $216,000 environmental education model grant to E3 Washington, formerly the Environmental Education Association of Washington. E3 Washington’s Educator-to-Educator Initiative for Student Learning project will work with environmental education leaders in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to develop and implement a model for classroom and community environmental education.

EPA is presenting the awards and grant at a ceremony today at the McKinstry Innovation Center in Seattle.

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