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Dockets by Statute CWA

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02/07/2018ActiveCWA-07-2017-0450 Waterford
02/05/2018ActiveCWA-07-2017-0465 Whitaker Aggregates Inc. d/b/a Centerville Quarry
02/02/2018ActiveCWA-03-2018-0021DN Allied Concrete Company-AOC
01/31/2018ActiveCWA-10-2018-0241 Dean & Dorothy Orbison & The Orbison Community Property Trust
01/31/2018ActiveCWA-03-2018-0022 Allied Concrete Company
01/30/2018ClosedCWA-07-2017-0347 Kiesel Company, LLC
01/29/2018ClosedCWA-07-2017-0364 Rock Equity Holdings, LLC
01/29/2018ActiveCWA 06-2017-4809 Buckeye Texas Processing, LLC
01/25/2018ActiveCWA-04-2017-5503(b) Michael Carter and Cindy Carter Nicholls, Georgia
01/24/2018ActiveCWA-07-2017-0204 Kenneth Venner d/b/a Kenneth Venner Feedlot
01/24/2018ActiveCWA-07-2018-0007 Kerford Limestone Company
01/23/2018ClosedCWA-07-2018-0004 Elmore, John A. (R.L Berlin Lease)
01/23/2018ClosedCWA-07-2018-0006 Elmore, John A. (BRB and Ranch Leases)
01/22/2018ActiveCWA-07-2017-0359 Iowa Department of Transportation
01/18/2018ActiveCWA-05-2018-0003 Titan Tire Corporation of Bryan (Bryan, Ohio)
01/18/2018ActiveCWA 06-2018-4303 PETCO Petroleum
01/18/2018ActiveCWA 06-2018-4304 PETCO Petroleum Corporation
01/16/2018ActiveCWA 06-2017-4805 South Coast Terminal L.P.
01/11/2018ActiveCWA 06-2018-4306 Atchley Resources, Inc.
01/11/2018ActiveCWA 06-2018-4307 Atchley Resources, Inc.
01/09/2018ActiveCWA-01-2018-0012 Bursaw Gas and Oil, Inc.
01/04/2018ActiveCWA-05-2018-0002 Rutlin Cranberry Company, Inc. --SUPPLEMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECT -- (Warrens, Wisconsin)
12/22/2017ActiveCWA-03-2018-0036DW Greer Industries Inc
12/21/2017ActiveCWA-02-2018-3313 The Village of Lambert Green
12/20/2017ActiveCWA-03-2018-0006 Black Castle Mining Company
12/20/2017ActiveCWA-07-2018-0095 C & S Enterprise LLC
12/15/2017ActiveCWA-08-2018-0002 CRESTWOOD EQUITY PARTNERS, LP
12/14/2017ActiveCWA-05-2018-0001 Central Fuel Company (New Philadelphia, Ohio)
12/14/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0035 Whitaker Companies, Inc., d/b/a/ Centerville Quarry
12/07/2017ActiveCWA-03-2018-0001 C & M Industries, Inc., SCAFO
12/05/2017ClosedCWA-04-2017-4510(b) Cargill, Incorporated Fayetteville, NC
12/01/2017ActiveCWA-10-2018-0004 City of Nezperce Wastewater Treatment Plant
12/01/2017ActiveCWA-03-2018-0003 Keywell Metal, LLC
11/29/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0367 · Trans Ova Genetics, L.C.
11/28/2017ActiveCWA-07-2018-0061 Scot Heller Trucking
11/21/2017ActiveCWA-03-2018-0005 Williams Ohio Valley Midstream, LLC
11/21/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0357 Seward Turkey Enterprises, Inc.
11/20/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0208 City of West Liberty, Iowa
11/15/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0037 Tailwater Inc. – West Whiteside Lease 
11/15/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0038 Tailwater Inc. – West Wittman B Lease 
11/14/2017ActiveCWA-03-2018-0008DN Borough of Camp Hill, AOC
11/10/2017ActiveCWA-02-2018-3312 Regency Development
11/07/2017ActiveCWA-03-2018-0007 Borough of Camp Hill, SCAFO
11/07/2017ActiveCWA-07-2015-0047 Heath Van Essen d/b/a Van Essen Feedlot
11/07/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0355 Jim Dalinghaus DBA Jim Dalinghaus Feedlot
11/07/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0365 Benton's Sand and Gravel Inc.
11/02/2017ActiveCWA 06-2017-4321 The Continental Oil & Refining Company
10/31/2017ActiveCWA 06-2017-4320 The Continental Oil & Refining Company
10/30/2017ActiveCWA 06-2017-4315 KY Park Oil Company, LLC
10/30/2017ActiveCWA 06-2017-4322 The Continental Oil & Refining Company
10/30/2017ActiveCWA 06-2017-4324 McCoy Petroleum Corporation
10/26/2017ActiveCWA-03-2018-0009CW Compass Energy, Inc., AOC
10/25/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0224 Shirley M. Whitney d/b/a Capital City Auto Recyclers
10/23/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0218 Nebraska Department of Roads
10/19/2017ClosedCWA-04-2017-7005(b) Bioenergy Development Group, LLC
10/19/2017ClosedCWA-04-2017-7006(b) Natrochem, Inc.
10/13/2017ClosedCWA-01-2017-0073 Comfort Homes, Inc.
10/11/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0203 Deffenbaugh Industries, Inc. d/b/a Johnny on the Spot
10/04/2017ActiveCWA-07-2018-0005 Elmore, John A. (Shade Lease)
09/29/2017ClosedCWA-10-2018-0002 Larry's Auto and Truck Parts, Inc.
09/29/2017ActiveCWA-03-2017-0174 West Virginia Oil Gathering, LLC, Enlink Midstream Operating, LP, SCAFO
09/29/2017ActiveCWA-08-2017-0027 THE CITY OF LOUISVILLE
09/29/2017ActiveCWA-08-2017-0028 GUILDNER PIPELINE MAINTENANCE, INC.
09/28/2017ActiveCWA-02-2017-3803 Skylands Energy Services
09/28/2017ActiveCWA-01-2017-0067 In the Matter of Thibeault Corporation of New England, Londonderry, NH
09/26/2017ClosedCWA-10-2018-0001 ASRC Energy Services Alaska, Inc.
09/26/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0463 Pick-N-Pull Auto Dismantlers, Kansas City, LLC
09/26/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0102 American Water Enterprises, Inc
09/26/2017ActiveCWA-08-2017-0025 THE CITY OF BILLINGS, MONTANA
09/25/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0108 Forterra Concrete Products
09/25/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0135 Bull Moose Tube
09/25/2017ActiveCWA-08-2017-0024 RIVERFRONT APARTMENTS, LLC
09/22/2017ClosedCWA-04-2017-5505(b) Long County Georgia Board of Education
09/21/2017ClosedCWA-04-2017-5126(b) Shriners Hospitals for Chidren
09/20/2017ActiveCWA-02-2017-3802 Bolkema Fuel Company, Inc.
09/19/2017ClosedCWA-04-2017-4508(b) Dunbar Foods Corporation
09/16/2017ClosedCWA-10-2017-0141 City of Plummer Wastwater Treatment Plant
09/16/2017ActiveCWA-08-2017-0023 PETER K. ROOSEVELT
09/15/2017ActiveCWA-08-2017-0018 FIELDSTONE HOMES, LLC
09/14/2017ActiveCWA-08-2017-0021 PETROLEUM WHOLESALE, L.P
09/14/2017ActiveCWA-08-2017-0022 PETROLEUM WHOLESALE, L.P.
09/13/2017ClosedCWA-04-2017-5506(b) City of Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida
09/12/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0374 Bar MK, L.L.C.
09/12/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0451 C & S Enterprise, L.L.C.
09/12/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0217 Nebraska Department of Roads
09/12/2017ClosedCWA-07-2017-0219 Ronald Fricke
09/08/2017ClosedCWA-10-2017-0149 Snug Harbor Seafoods, Inc.
09/08/2017ActiveCWA-01-2017-0066 REF Trucking, Inc.
09/07/2017ActiveCWA-02-2017-3311 Accurate Builders & Developers of NJ
09/07/2017ActiveCWA-03-2017-0024 Super Concrete Corporation, CWA, SCAFO
09/05/2017ActiveCWA-04-2017-4506(b) Hallman Foundry LLC and A. Stucki Company
08/31/2017ClosedCWA-10-2017-0144 Big State Logistics, Inc. Paxson Lake
08/31/2017ClosedCWA-10-2017-0145 Big State Logistics - Tsina River
08/31/2017ClosedCWA-10-2017-0143 Big State Logistics, Inc. - Birch Lake
08/31/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0370 Cindy Stratman d/b/a Cindy Stratman Feedlot
08/29/2017ActiveCWA-07-2017-0368 Greg Schroeder
08/25/2017ClosedCWA-01-2017-0059 P.J. Keating Company
08/24/2017ClosedCWA-02-2017-3309 Seagis Property Group

(4294 entries in this collection)
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