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Dockets by Year Filed 2012

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Complaint DateDocket NumberCase NameStatus
06/28/2012  FIFRA-01-2012-0043  In the Matter of: BioSensory, Inc.  Closed
06/28/2012  FIFRA-08-2012-0008  MALARA GARDENS  Closed
06/28/2012  SDWA-08-2012-0030  GEORGIA-PACIFIC GYPSUM, LLC.  Closed
06/27/2012  CAA-05-2012-0036  Asphalt Cutbacks, Inc. (CAFO) SEP (East Chicago, Illinois)  Closed
06/27/2012  CER/EPC-03-2012-0179  Union Carbide Corp.,
UCC South Charleston Site, CERC/EPC-03-2012-0179
06/27/2012  CWA-06-2012-4810  Forest Oil  Closed
06/27/2012  EPCRA-03-2012-0146  Baltimore Galvanizing Company Inc., EPCRA, SCAFO  Closed
06/27/2012  RCRA-03-2012-0188  The Cigar Boss, LLC, RCRA, Administrative Complaint  Closed
06/27/2012  RCRA/CWA-03-2012-0156  CNX Marine Terminals, Inc., RCRA/CWA  Closed
06/27/2012  TSCA-07-2012-0019  Scott Rentals  Closed
06/26/2012  CWA-04-2012-4503(b)  GSR Jedburg, LLC  Closed
06/26/2012  CWA-04-2012-4506(b)  Walton - A Core Construction, LLC  Closed
06/26/2012  CWA-04-2012-4513(b)  Tohopekaliga Water Authority   Closed
06/26/2012  CWA-06-2012-1831  J.D. SINCLAIR PRODUCTION, INC.  Closed
06/26/2012  EPCRA-03-2012-0168  Young Galvanizing, Inc., EPCRA, SCAFO  Closed
06/26/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2058(b)  EPCO Carbon Dioxide Products  Closed
06/26/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2060(b)  Buffalo Rock Company  Closed
06/26/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3021(b)  Healthtex Distributors  Closed
06/26/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0024  Newton Feed Center Elevator, Inc  Closed
06/26/2012  TSCA-04-2012-2653(b)  Yoursef Properties, LLC d/b/a Tara Apartments  Closed
06/25/2012  CWA and .....  THE BONDS COMPANY  Closed
06/25/2012  CWA and .....  THE BONDS COMPANY  Closed
06/25/2012  CWA and .....  ALTA MESA   Closed
06/25/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0005  Heartland Co-op  Closed
06/25/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0023  Farmers Cooperative Grain Company  Closed
06/25/2012  RCRA-08-2012-0004  SIMPLOT PHOSPHATES LLC.  Closed
06/25/2012  TSCA-07-2012-0016  Stephen A and Mary A Feurt Trust  Closed
06/23/2012  CAA(112r)-09-2012-0007  Hill Brothers Chemical Company  Closed
06/23/2012  TSCA-09-2012-0007  West County Community High School  Closed
06/23/2012  TSCA-09-2012-0005  Mariposa Academy of Language and Learning  Closed
06/23/2012  CAA(112r)-09-2012-0008  Nikkiso Cryo, Inc.  Closed
06/23/2012  TSCA-02-2012-9106  Cycle Chem, Inc.  Closed
06/23/2012  SDWA-02-2012-8902  ABAR's Garage, Inc.  Closed
06/22/2012  CWA-01-2012-0048  Pleasant Acre Farms, LLC  Closed
06/22/2012  CAA-05-2012-0035  Park Nicollet Health Services (CAFO) --SEP -- (St. Louis Park, Minnesota)  Closed
06/22/2012  CWA-07-2012-0039  City of Poplar Bluff, Missouri  Closed
06/21/2012  CAA-06-2012-3554  FloMin Inc.  Closed
06/21/2012  CWA-04-2012-5007  Pope Transport Company  Closed
06/21/2012  CWA-04-2012-5018  ADM-Southern Cotton Oil  Closed
06/21/2012  CWA-10-2012-0126  AKULURAK LLC  Closed
06/21/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0022  Rand Ag Chemicals  Closed
06/21/2012  FIFRA-08-2012-0007  THERMOWORKS - JIM FARRER  Closed
06/21/2012  SDWA-08-2012-0029  TATA CHEMICALS NORTH AMERICA, INC. (SODA ASH)  Closed
06/21/2012  TSCA-10-2012-0136  CURTIS O BANEY - MARITAL TRUST  Closed
06/20/2012  CAA-05-2012-0034  George B. Prindle Water Treatment Plant-- ESA-- (Highland Park, Illinois)  Closed
06/20/2012  CWA-02-2012-3306  Village of Walden Wastewater Treatment Plant  Closed
06/20/2012  CWA and .....  THE BONDS COMPANY  Closed
06/20/2012  FIFRA-05-2012-0013  Axiz Group, LLC -CAFO- (Lincolnwood, Illinois)  Closed
06/20/2012  FIFRA-05-2012-0014  Nordox AS -CAFO- (Oslo, Norway)  Closed
06/20/2012  FIFRA-05-2012-0015  Clearwater International LLC d/b/a Weatherford International, Inc. -CAFO- (Lee...  Closed
06/20/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0020  B. Z. Bee, Inc  Closed
06/20/2012  FIFRA and .....  MAKHTASHIM AGAN OF NORTH AMERICA  Closed
06/20/2012  TSCA-03-2012-0081  The Frost School, TSCA, SCAFO  Closed
06/19/2012  CWA-01-2011-0087  Town of Mattapoisett, MA  Closed
06/19/2012  CWA-01-2011-0094  Town of Wareham, MA   Closed
06/19/2012  CAA-05-2012-0031  Eden Prairie Water Treatment Plant (ESA) (Eden Prairie, Minnesota)  Closed
06/19/2012  CAA-05-2012-0032  BASF Corporation (CAFO) -- SEP -- (Wyandotte, Michgian)  Closed
06/19/2012  CAA-05-2012-0033  City of Red Wing (CAFO) (Red Wing, Minnesota)  Closed
06/19/2012  CAA-10-2012-0128  GREEN ACRE FARMS, INC  Closed
06/19/2012  CERC-03-2012-0162  Western Virginia Water Authority, CERCLA, (SCAFO)  Closed
06/19/2012  CWA-04-2012-5013  Vitran Express, Inc.  Closed
06/19/2012  CWA-04-2012-5126(b)  Flagship Aqua Yacht, LLC  Closed
06/19/2012  CWA and .....  LIBERTY PLANTATION, L.L.C.  Closed
06/19/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2053(b)  Helena Chemical Company  Closed
06/19/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2056(b)  Panasonic Energy Corporation of America - Lithium Division  Closed
06/19/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2057(b)  Panasonic Energy Corporation of America - Packaging Center  Closed
06/19/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2063(b)  Semicon Associates  Closed
06/19/2012  EPCRA-05-2012-0020  Chicago Cold Storage Corporation -CAFO- (Chicago, Illinois)  Closed
06/19/2012  EPCRA-05-2012-0021  Roberts-Sinto Corporation -CAFO- (Grand Ledge, Michigan)  Closed
06/19/2012  EPCRA and .....  ARROW FABRICATED TUBING  Closed
06/19/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3012(b)  Kason Industries, Inc.  Closed
06/19/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3013(b)  Walco International, Inc.  Closed
06/19/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3018(b)  Club Care, Inc.  Closed
06/19/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3020(b)  Synergy Labs, Inc.  Closed
06/19/2012  FIFRA-10-2012-0130  FARMERS SUPPLY COOPERATIVE, INC  Closed
06/19/2012  RCRA-07-2012-0020 and .....  TNT General Contracting, Inc; Webb Minerals, LLC; and Gary and Carol Trump Trust  Closed
06/19/2012  SDWA-04-2012-1004(b)  Tony S. Kanik  Closed
06/18/2012  CERCLA-07-2012-0048  Omaha Lead Superfund Site and Frank C Skrupa, Respondent  Closed
06/18/2012  CERCLA-07-2012-0049  Omaha Lead Superfund Site and John D Eiunung, Respondent  Closed
06/18/2012  CWA-07-2012-0032  City of Republic  Closed
06/18/2012  CWA-07-2012-0033  City of Grand Island  Closed
06/18/2012  CWA-07-2012-0034  City of Fairbury  Closed
06/18/2012  CWA-07-2012-0035  City of Crete  Closed
06/18/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0010  Cooperative Grain and Supply Co  Closed
06/18/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0017  Nisso America Inc  Closed
06/16/2012  CWA-01-2011-0036  Grimmel Industries, LLC  Closed
06/15/2012  TSCA-02-2012-9202  Feldmeier Equipment, Inc.  Closed
06/15/2012  EPCRA-02-2012-4105  Amsterdam Printing & Litho  Closed
06/14/2012  CWA-10-2012-0106  Ahsahka Water and Sewer District, Ahsahka, ID  Closed
06/14/2012  CWA-10-2012-0109  City of Wilder, Idaho  Closed
06/14/2012  CAA-05-2012-0030  Dykema Excavators, Incorporated (CAFO) -- SEP -- (Grand Rapids, Michigan)  Closed
06/14/2012  CWA-07-2012-0017  Infrasource  Closed
06/14/2012  CWA and .....  Denbury Onshore, LLC  Closed
06/14/2012  CWA and .....  ELLIS THOMAS D/B/A CSC OIL COMPANY  Closed
06/14/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0015  Mayberry Seed Co  Closed
06/14/2012  FIFRA-08-2012-0006  ROD LITZEL - JOHNSON COUNTY WEED & PEST DISTRICT  Closed
06/14/2012  RCRA-CWA-CAA-03-2012-0038  State of Maryland, Maryland Transit Administration, RCRA, CWA, CAA, SCAFO  Closed
06/14/2012  RCRA and .....  State of Maryland , Department of Transportation, Maryland Transit Admin. (SCAFO...  Closed

(1651 entries in this collection)
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