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Dockets by Statute RCRA

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Complaint DateStatusCase
08/28/2020  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0098) Eden Wood Preserving LLC, RCRA, CAFO
08/27/2020  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0013) Illinois Central Railroad Company (Homewood, Illinois)
08/27/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0973) American Industrial Plant Services, Inc.
08/25/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0978) Lockheed Martin Corporation
08/24/2020  Closed  (RCRA-04-2020-2106(b)) Innospec Active Chemicals, LLC
08/21/2020  Closed  (RCRA-04-2020-2107(b)) Calgon Carbon Corporation
08/17/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0960) United States Department of Air Force
08/12/2020  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0110) Colonial Metals, Inc., RCRA, CAFO, RCRA-03-2020-0110
08/12/2020  Closed  (RCRA-02-2020-7705) Lou Hal Properties, Inc. & Zubair Muniya
08/11/2020  Closed  (RCRA-04-2020-2109(b)) Moog, Inc.
08/11/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0952) WFI International- Bonney Forge Co.
08/10/2020  Closed  (RCRA-04-2020-2114(b)) Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.
08/07/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0947) C.C. Creations, LTD
08/05/2020  Closed  (RCRA-02-2019-7104) Cadillac Uniform & Linen Supply, LLC
08/03/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020--0932) Golden Plating LLP
07/31/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0933) M&K Plating Company, Inc.
07/30/2020  Closed  (RCRA-02-2020-7101) Honeywell International Inc. - Buffalo Reasearch Laboratory
07/30/2020  Closed  (RCRA-02-2020-7102) Jersey City Medical Center
07/28/2020  Closed  (RCRA-04-2019-4006(b)) Optima Chemical Group, LLC
07/28/2020  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0012) Color Communication - CAFO- (Chicago, Illinois)
07/14/2020  Closed  (RCRA-02-2020-7704) Cheema Petro LLC
07/14/2020  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0011) AAA- Galvanizing - Dixon, Inc. dba AZZ Galvanizing-Dixon (Dixon, Illinois)
07/09/2020  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0010) Bemis Wisconsin, LLC - CAFO- (New London, Wisconsin)
07/07/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0964) University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
07/02/2020  Closed  (RCRA-02-2020-7702) Sunoco Retail LLC
06/30/2020  Closed  (RCRA-08-2020-0006) JOAQUIN MFG. CORP.
06/25/2020  Active  (RCRA-08-2020-0005) GREEN'S SALVAGE
06/23/2020  Active  (RCRA-06-2020-0955) Soriano Special Coatings, Inc.
06/15/2020  Closed  (RCRA-04-2019-4009(b)) Trimac Transportation, Inc.
06/15/2020  Closed  (RCRA-07-2020-0146) The Powder Shop, Inc
06/11/2020  Closed  (RCRA-02-2020-7701) NJLG-UST I, LLC
05/21/2020  Closed  (RCRA-07-2020-0137) BNSF Railway Company
05/14/2020  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0074) Great Southern Wood-MD, Inc., RCRA, CAFO
05/06/2020  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0087) Naval Support Activity Bethesda, RCRA, ESA
05/06/2020  Closed  (RCRA-04-2020-2102(b)) Symrise, Inc.
05/04/2020  Closed  (RCRA-07-2020-0128) Delavan, Inc
05/01/2020  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0106) Blue Ridge Wood Products, LLC, SCAFO
04/15/2020  Closed  (RCRA-04-2020-2100(b)) Stabilit America, Inc.
04/14/2020  Closed  (RCRA-04-2020-2104(b)) DHL Express(USA), Inc.
04/08/2020  Closed  (RCRA-04-2020-2103(b)) Metallix Refining, Inc.
04/08/2020  Closed  (RCRA-07-2020-0127) Diversified Services, Inc.
04/07/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0906) Mauser USA, LLC
04/06/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0925) Don-Nan Pump and Supply, Inc.
04/03/2020  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0063) FTG Circuits Fredericksburg Inc. d/b/a Colonial Circuits, Inc., RCRA, CAFO
04/02/2020  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0071) The George Washington University, RCRA, CAFO
03/19/2020  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0026) Keystone Consolidated Industries, Inc. d/b/a Keystone Steel & Wire and Liberty S...
03/16/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0902) Applied Aerodynamics
03/05/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0944) U.S. Department of the Army
03/05/2020  Active  (RCRA-06-2020-0913) Fairbanks Morse, LLC
03/04/2020  Closed  (RCRA-02-2020-7501) Aero Star Petroleum, Inc.
03/03/2020  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0009) Atlas Chem Milling -ESA and Final Order- (Elkhart, Indiana)
02/28/2020  Closed  (RCRA-10-2020-0058) Univar Solutions USA, Inc.
02/28/2020  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0008) Hale Performance Coatings, Inc. - CAFO- -INSTALLMENTS- (Toledo, Ohio)
02/26/2020  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0070) AERC Acquisition Corporation dba AERC Recycling Solutions, A Clean Earth Company...
02/24/2020  Closed  (RCRA and .....) Columbia Medical Center of Lewisville Subsidiary, L.P. d/b/a Medical City Lewisv...
02/12/2020  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0044) Good Business Services II LLC, RCRA, CAFO
02/12/2020  Closed  (RCRA and .....) Accredo Packaging, Inc.
02/07/2020  Closed  (RCRA-07-2018-0297) Rod’s Shell
02/06/2020  Closed  (RCRA-07-2020-0060) Platte Valley Energetics
02/05/2020  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0019) Exel, Inc. d/b/a DHL Supply Chain and 3M Company
02/05/2020  Active  (RCRA-04-2020-2101(b)) Sanco, Inc.
02/03/2020  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0007) North American Warehousing Co. -ESA- (Bedford Park, Illinois)
01/29/2020  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0038) National Retail Properties Trust, RCRA, CAFO
01/28/2020  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0005) CITGO Terminal Facility -ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT - (East Chicago, India...
01/28/2020  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0006) OXY Refinery Facility - ADMINISTATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT- (East Chicago, Illinois...
01/21/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0901) Kel-Tech, Inc.
01/21/2020  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0924) Pilot Travel Center, LLC
01/21/2020  Closed  (RCRA and .....) Image Set, Inc.
01/15/2020  Closed  (RCRA-02-2019-7705) 9187 Group, LLC
01/15/2020  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0004) Nufarm Americas Inc. - CAFO- (Chicago Heights and Alsip, Illinois)
12/31/2019  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0003) Semling-Menke Company -ESA- (Merrill, Wisconsin)
12/30/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0043) Pocono Gas Stations Inc., RCRA, ESA, RCRA-03-2020-0043
12/27/2019  Closed  (RCRA-04-2019-4008(b)) DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation
12/19/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0916) Powell Manufacturing Company, Inc.
12/19/2019  Closed  (RCRA-09-2020-0008) International Aerospace Coatings
12/19/2019  Closed  (RCRA-09-2020-0010) Pacific Resource Recovery Services
12/18/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0934) Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
12/18/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0941) Laboratory Corporation of America
12/18/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0915) KIWO, Inc.
12/17/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0051) Jay Shree Ganesh LLC, CAFO, RCRA-03-2020-0051
12/17/2019  Closed  (RCRA-04-2019-4001(b)) Patheon API Manufacturing, Inc.
12/16/2019  Active  (RCRA-05-2020-0002) Nova-Chrome, Inc. -CAFO- -SEP- -FINAL PYMT DUE 12/6/2021- -2 INSTALLMENTS- (Fran...
12/10/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0010) Eak Tonakarn and Arissa 2 Inc. dba Hillwood Mart, RCRA, ESA
12/09/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0919) Encore Medical LP
12/06/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0041) Jai Radhey Corporation, RCRA, ESA
11/22/2019  Closed  (RCRA-05-2020-0001) Friction Products Company, LLC - ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT - (Crawfordsvil...
11/22/2019  Closed  (RCRA-07-2020-0009) Yingling Aircraft, Inc
11/21/2019  Closed  (RCRA-02-2019-7706) 8112 Group, LLC
11/20/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0911) ITW Insulation Systems
11/20/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2020-0917) Materials Transportation Company
11/19/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0026) Nelly Travel Plaza LLC, RCRA, CAFO
11/19/2019  Active  (RCRA-08-2020-0004) RN INDUSTRIES, INC.
11/13/2019  Active  (RCRA-08-2020-0003) RN INDUSTRIES, INC.
11/12/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0005) NAI Saturn Eastern, LLC, RCRA, ESA
11/06/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2020-0002) Cass Lake Mini Mart - NOV- (Cass Lake, Minnesota)
11/05/2019  Closed  (RCRA-10-2019-0143) BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.
11/05/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0013) Pramuk Raj, LLC, Ashland Food Mart, RCRA, ESA
10/30/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0006) Potomac Supply, LLC, RCRA, CAFO
10/24/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0940) A&B Environmental Services, Inc.
10/24/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0951) Cottonwood Energy, LP

(2787 entries in this collection)
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