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Dockets by Statute CAA

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09/28/2007ClosedCAA-02-2007-1222 Roysons Corporation
09/28/2007ClosedCAA-02-2007-1223 Evans Chemetics LP
09/28/2007ClosedCAA-02-2007-1224 Niagara Generation LLC
09/28/2007ClosedCAA-03-2007-0329 L & N Zimmerman Excavating, Inc., Ebersole Associates, Inc..
09/28/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0034 Dow Corning Corporation (Midland, MI)
09/28/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0035 Greif Industrial Packaging & Services, LLC and Greif, Inc. (Alsip, IL)
09/28/2007ClosedCAA-08-2007-0009 SUPERIOR COLORADO, INC.
09/28/2007ClosedCAA-10-2007-0198 Mattawa C.A. Warehouse
09/27/2007ActiveCAA-02-2007-1225 St. Croix Renaissance Group
09/27/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0033 Hamilton Farm Bureau (Hamilton, MI)
09/25/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0031 S. D. Warren Company (Muskegon, MI)
09/25/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0032 Steel Dynamics, Inc. (Butler, IN)
09/25/2007ClosedCAA-08-2007-0002 HAGERDON, INC., d/b/a IDEAL RADIATOR AND BODY COMPANY
09/25/2007ClosedCAA-08-2007-0003 HAGERDON, INC. d/b/a IDEAL RADIATOR AND BODY COMPANY
09/25/2007ClosedCAA-08-2007-0004 GUY ZWAHLEN
09/25/2007ClosedCAA-08-2007-0005 NIKOLAY LOPATIN
09/25/2007ClosedCAA-08-2007-0006 NIKOLAY LOPATIN
09/21/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0026 Celanese Ltd. (Meredosia, IL)
09/21/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0027 Mr. Zane Ward d/b/a Azimow and Culbertson Scrap Co. (Alexandria, IN)
09/21/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0028 Strib Industries, Inc., d/b/a Products Chemical Co. (Cleveland, OH)
09/21/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0029 Spectro Alloys Corporation (Rosemount, MN)
09/21/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0030 Sturgis Iron & Metal Co., Inc. (South Bend, IN)
09/20/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0025 Lang Ice Company (Chicago, IL)
09/19/2007ClosedCAA-02-2007-1207 Leon's One Hour Cleaner
09/13/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0024 Tate & Lyle Ingredients America, Inc. (LaFayette, IN)
09/12/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0037 City of Wellington Water Treatment Plant
09/11/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0044 Thermal Corporation of America
09/04/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-1517(b) Mitchell County Ford
09/04/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-1524(b) Ron Anderson Ford, Inc.
08/31/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0023 Magellan Pipeline Company, L.P. (Roseville, MN)
08/30/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0043 Seed and Farm Supply, Inc
08/30/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0046 City of Chillicothe
08/29/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-1518(b) Waters Ford Company, Inc.
08/29/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-1519(b) Coffee Automotive, Inc. d/b/a Trinity Ford of Alma
08/29/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-1520(b) Prince Ford-Mercury, Inc.
08/29/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8023(b) Ideal Chemical and Supply Co.
08/29/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8025(b) Fleischmann's Yeast
08/28/2007ActiveCAA-02-2007-1216 Ramey Resort Inc. a/k/a IPH Hotels
08/28/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8021(b) Jasper Waterworks and Sewer Board
08/21/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-1514(b) Bo Lovein Ford, Inc.
08/21/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-1515(b) Rippy Cadillac-oldsmobile, Inc., d/b/a Rippy Automotive Company
08/21/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8020(b) Pathway Polymers
08/21/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8027(b) R.L. Zeigler Company, Inc.
08/20/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8024(b) Americold Logistics, LLC
08/20/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0021 City of Detroit, Michigan
08/20/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0022 Fulton Market Cold Storage Company, LLC (Chicago, IL)
08/19/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-1510(b) Oldcastle Building Products, Inc.
08/15/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0040 City of Wichita Water Treatment Plant
08/13/2007ClosedCAA-02-2007-1217 Bil-Jim Construction Company, Inc. and First Lakewood Forest Associates LLC
08/13/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-1507(b) Ergon, Inc.
08/13/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8022(b) Helm Fertilizer Terminal, Inc.
08/13/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8026(b) City of Kingsport, Tennessee
08/13/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0020 Hamilton Farm Bureau (Martin, MI)
08/09/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0035 Skeeter Products, Inc d/b/a G3 Boats
08/07/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-1512(b) Naval Air Station
08/07/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0038 Heiman, Inc
08/07/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0039 City of Olathe Water Treatment Plant
08/03/2007ClosedCAA-03-2007-0260 C.I. Thornburg Co., inc.
08/03/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0018 City of Detroit -- Water Works Park Water Treatment Plant (Detroit, MI)
08/03/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0019 Koch Foods of Franklin Park (Franklin Park, IL)
07/31/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0014 Brenntag Great Lakes, LLC (Ft. Wayne, IN)
07/31/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0015 Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc. (O'Fallon, IL)
07/31/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0016 Hudsonville Creamery & Ice Cream Company (Holland, MI)
07/31/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0017 Country Fresh, LLC (Grand Rapids, MI)
07/31/2007ClosedCAA-08-2007-0001 METAL MANAGEMENT WEST, INC.
07/27/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0031 Marshall Municipal Utilities (MMU)
07/24/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-1511(b) W.M. Barr and Company, Inc.
07/23/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0045 Chemcentral Midwest Corporation
07/19/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0034 Scholl Fertilizer, Inc
07/17/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0036 City of Joplin, Missouri, Shoal Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility
07/17/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0041 Des Moines Water Works d/b/a Maffit Water Treatment Facility
07/12/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0013 Meijer, Inc. (Middlebury, IN)
07/05/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8017(b) Athens Utilities Board
07/05/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8019(b) Eastside Utility District
07/03/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0012 BASF Construction Chemicals, LLC f/k/a BASF Admixtures, Inc. f/k/a Degussa Admixtures, Inc. (Cleveland, OH)
06/28/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8018(b) Continental Carbonic Products, Inc.
06/27/2007ClosedCAA-02-2007-1209 Jet Dry Cleaner
06/27/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0030 City of Marshall, Missouri d/b/a Marshall Municipal Utilities
06/18/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8011(b) Bedford County Utility District
06/18/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8016(b) Robert Orr - Sysco Food Services, LLC
06/15/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0011 MAPEI Corporation (West Chicago, IL)
06/14/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0009 Sysco Food Service (Grand Rapids, MI)
06/14/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0010 Gordon Food Service (Grand Rapids, MI)
06/04/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0019 Sigma-Aldrich Mfg LLC
05/22/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8008(b) Purity Dairies, LLC
05/22/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8013(b) Hardin's Sysco Food Services, LLC
05/22/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8014(b) Marianna Industries, Inc.
05/22/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8015(b) Upper Bear Creek Water District
05/16/2007ClosedCAA-05-2007-0008 Flavorchem Corporation (Downers Grove, IL)
04/26/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8012(b) Oak Ridge Public Works Department
04/17/2007ActiveCAA-09-2007-0001 Towne Motor Company
04/17/2007ActiveCAA-09-2007-0002 BCS Enterprises, Inc.
04/16/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0029 ACH Foam Technologies, LLC
04/12/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0022 City of Hutchinson
04/09/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-1506(b) MARCOR Remediation, Inc.
04/09/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8006(b) Tyson Foods, Inc.
04/09/2007ClosedCAA-04-2007-8009(b) Tennessee American Water
04/06/2007ClosedCAA-07-2007-0024 Missouri Partners, Inc

(3659 entries in this collection)
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