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Dockets by Statute CAA

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07/01/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0038 The Dow Chemical Company (Charleston, Illinois)
07/01/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0039 Danvers Farmers Elevator Company (Danvers, Illinois)
07/01/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0040 Prairie Farms Dairy - Granity City (Granite City,Illinois)
07/01/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0041 Filtrona Porous Technologies (St. Charles, Michigan)
06/30/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3571 Champion Technologies Odessa Plant
06/30/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3576 Chemtura Corporation - Taft Facility
06/29/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1782(b) CTC Construction, LLC
06/28/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0032 Blomkest Fertilizer (Blomkest, Minnesota)
06/28/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0033 Farmers Cooperative of Hanska (Hanska, Minnesota)
06/23/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1526(b) M-K Realty Company
06/23/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1531(b) City of Marco Island, Florida
06/23/2010ClosedCAA-08-2010-0008 PROJECT 7 WATER AUTHORITY
06/23/2010ClosedCAA-08-2010-0010 STERLING ETHANOL, LLC.
06/22/2010ClosedCAA-03-2010-0312 St. Peter's Church, and Diocese of Wilmington, DE., (St. Peter the Apostle School) (CAA) APO
06/22/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0027 Gordon Food Service 333 50th Street (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
06/22/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0028 The Mennel Milling Company (Fostoria, Ohio)
06/22/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0029 Total Logistics, Inc. (Paw Paw, Michigan)
06/22/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0030 Bluewater Gas Storage, LLC (Columbus Township, Michigan)
06/22/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0031 MacDermid, Inc. (Ferndale, Michigan)
06/19/2010ClosedCAA-10-2010-0025 OXARC, INC.
06/17/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1525(b) A.D. Williams Construction, Inc.
06/17/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1530(b) Blackwater Construction Group, LLC
06/17/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0024 Fornoff Fertilizer Service, Inc. (Kilboure, Illinois)
06/15/2010ClosedCAA-10-2010-0150 SYSCO Food Services of Portland, Inc.
06/14/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0022 City of Beford, Indiana - Bedford Illinois Street Water Treatment Plant (Bedford, Indiana)
06/14/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0023 Central MN Ethanol Co-op (Little Falls, Minnesota)
06/09/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8014(b) Recycle Aerosol, LLC
06/09/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8016(b) Lawrenceburg Utility Systems
06/09/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8017(b) Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
06/09/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8019(b) VersaCold Logistics Services
06/09/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0020 Solvay Fluorides, LLC (Alorton, Illinois)
06/09/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0021 Stampede Meat, Inc. (Bridgeview, Illinois)
06/07/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0019 Badger State Ethanol LLC (Monroe, Wisconsin)
06/04/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0026 Gordon Food Service 7770 Kensington Court (Brighton, Michigan)
05/28/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3568 Champion Technologies' Fresno Facility
05/26/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0018 Coldwater Board of Public Utilities (Coldwater, Michigan)
05/25/2010ActiveCAA-04-2010-1514(b) Precision Tower Maintenance, Inc.
05/25/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0017 City of Niles Wastewater Treatment Plan (Niles, Michigan)
05/19/2010ClosedCAA-10-2010-0139 New Albertsons Inc
05/13/2010ClosedCAA-10-2010-0041 WRIGHT RUNSTAD & COMPANY
05/06/2010ClosedCAA-07-2010-0009 Golden Triangle Energy, LLC
05/06/2010ClosedCAA-07-2010-0019 Frenchman Valley Cooperative
05/05/2010ClosedCAA 06-2010-3559 City of Port Arthur
05/05/2010ClosedCAA 06-2010-3560 City of Orange Link Street Plant
05/04/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8010(b) City of Maryville Wastewater Treatment Plant
05/04/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8013(b) The Pictsweet Company
05/04/2010ClosedCAA 06-2010-3524 Gas Innovations
05/04/2010ClosedCAA 06-2010-3556 Centerpoint Energy Sligo Gas Plant
05/04/2010ClosedCAA 06-2010-3561 Coastal Water Authority
05/03/2010ClosedCAA-07-2010-0010 Cooperative Agricultural Services, Inc
05/03/2010ClosedCAA-07-2010-0011 Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc
05/03/2010ClosedCAA-07-2010-0012 Frontier Equity Exchange
05/03/2010ClosedCAA-07-2010-0013 Chemstar Products Company
05/03/2010ClosedCAA-07-2010-0014 The Ellsworth Coop
05/03/2010ClosedCAA-07-2010-0015 SD Fertilizer and Spraying
04/29/2010ClosedCAA-07-2010-0022 Old Monroe Elevator & Supply Co
04/27/2010ClosedCAA 06-2010-3564 City of Baytown Northeast District Wastewater Treatment Plant
04/26/2010ClosedCAA-07-2010-0018 City of Columbus Wastewater Treatment Facility
04/21/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1513(b) Forsyth Grading and Hauling, LLC
04/21/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8007(b) West Wilson Utility District
04/21/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8008(b) Lewisburg Water Treatment Plant
04/15/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8009(b) Lewisburg Wastewater Treatment Plant
04/15/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8011(b) Tyson Foods, Inc.
04/15/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8012(b) The Eggo Company
04/14/2010ClosedCAA-03-2010-0108 Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Facility, CAA - Expedited penalty Action
04/13/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3518 Morton International Advanced Materials
04/13/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3532 Chelford City MUD Regional WWTP
04/13/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3534 City of Shawnee Water Treatment Plant
04/13/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3541 Hayes Minerals 19, No. 1 Production
04/13/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3542 City of Muskogee
04/13/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3544 BASF Beaumont Plant
04/13/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3548 DCP Midstream Black Diamond Plant
04/13/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3550 East Baton Rouge Parish North WWTP
04/13/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3557 City of Bogalusa WWTP
04/13/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3558 GE Betz, Inc.
04/13/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3563 NOCS West Gulf, Inc.
04/07/2010ClosedCAA-03-2010-0254 Baxter Investment Group, Inc. and Edward Klinger d/b/a E.J. Proper ty Cleanup & Salvage (Gulden Site)
04/06/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1515(b) Lokey Homebuilders Company, Inc.
03/26/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0016 ArcelorMittal Warren, Inc. (Warren, Ohio)
03/25/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1512(b) Ferrell W. Kitchens
03/25/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3515 Berwick/Bayou Vista Joint Waterworks
03/24/2010ActiveCAA-07-2010-0017 Kansas Department of Corrections
03/24/2010ClosedCAA-07-2010-1017 Kansas Department of Corrections Topeka Correctional Facility
03/23/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3555 Kahuna Operating - Coalgate Gas Processing Plant
03/17/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1505(b) Parker Young Construction, Inc.
03/15/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0015 Handy Fertilizer, Inc. -- SEP -- (Millstadt, Illinois)
03/11/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0014 Country Fresh, LLC (Flint, Michigan)
03/10/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8005(b) Denzil Bowman Wastewater Treatment Plant
03/10/2010ClosedCAA-05-2010-0013 Plaskolite, Inc. (Columbus, Ohio)
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-1511(b) Young Contracting Company, Inc.
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3511 Lone Star Bakery, Plant No. 2
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3536 Targa Resources, Inc., Gillis Gas Plant
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3538 City of Dallas Elm Fork WTP
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3540 City of Broken Arrow WTP
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3543 Enterprise Products Propylene Splitter III
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3545 Global Supply Chain
03/03/2010ClosedCAA-06-2010-3546 City of Cleburne Wastewater Treatment Plant
02/26/2010ClosedCAA-04-2010-8006(b) Greeneville Water Treatment Plant
02/25/2010ClosedCAA-02-2010-1217 Falcon Safety Products, Inc.

(3659 entries in this collection)
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