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Dockets by Statute RCRA

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01/10/2017ActiveRCRA-05-2017-0004 Regal Finishing Company (Coloma, Michigan)
01/06/2017ActiveRCRA-10-2017-0017 Circle K Stores, Inc
01/06/2017ActiveRCRA-10-2017-0016 Circle K Stores Inc.
01/05/2017ClosedRCRA-03-2017-0010 ACM Technologies, Inc., RCRA, SCAFO
12/23/2016ActiveRCRA-02-2017-7101 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
12/23/2016ActiveRCRA-05-2017-0003 Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLC (Shorewood, Illinois)
12/21/2016ActiveRCRA-03-2017-0073 Adhesives Research Inc., RCRA, SCAFO
12/21/2016ActiveRCRA-03-2017-0075 Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining & Marketing, LLC, RCRA, SCAFO
12/19/2016ActiveRCRA-07-2016-0031 Board of Governors Truman State University
12/14/2016ActiveRCRA-10-2017-0003 Sung Keun Kim
12/12/2016ActiveRUST-05-2017-0002 B&F Marathon (South Bend, Indiana)
12/12/2016ActiveRUST-05-2017-0003 Maes Mart/Mobil (LaPorte, Indiana)
12/12/2016ActiveRUST-05-2017-0004 Marathon # 521 (Ogden Dunes, Indiana)
12/08/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4021(b) Geocycle, LLC
12/08/2016ActiveRCRA-04-2017-4001(b) Steel Dust Recycling, LLC
12/06/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2017-4000(b) Luxapalila Valley Railroad, Inc.
12/05/2016ClosedRCRA-07-2016-0033 Snacks
11/18/2016ClosedRUST-05-2017-0001 Toledo Skyway Marina (Toledo, Ohio)
11/16/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0957 Deposition Technology
11/14/2016ClosedRCRA-05-2017-0002 Perfection Industries, Inc. - ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT - (Detroit, Michigan)
11/10/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4012(b) University of Georgia
11/03/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0946 Houston Platings and Coatings, LLC
11/03/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0947 Houston Plating and Coatings, Inc.
11/03/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0952 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.
11/02/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0938 Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems, LLC
11/02/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0955 Weatherford U.S., L.P.
10/28/2016ActiveRCRA-05-2017-0001 Allison Transmission, Inc. One Allison Way -ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT- (Speedway, Indiana)
10/24/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0936 Baylor University
10/24/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0953 Dal-Tile Corporation
10/04/2016ClosedRCRA-02-2016-7706 St. Joseph Hospital, Yonkers d/b/a Saint Joseph's Medical Center
09/30/2016ActiveRCRA-01-2016-0077 University of Vermont State and Agricultural College
09/30/2016ActiveRCRA-02-2016-7103 Caribbean All Metal Recyclers Corp.
09/30/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4008(b) Aerospace/Defense Coatings of Georgia, Inc.
09/30/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4009(b) Aerospace/Defense Coatings of Georgia, Inc.
09/30/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4013(b) University of Georgia
09/30/2016ClosedRCRA-05-2016-0019 Electronic Components and Services, Inc. (Fox Lake, Wisconsin)
09/30/2016ActiveRCRA-05-2016-0020 Merrill Iron & Steel, Inc. (Scholfield, Wisconsin)
09/30/2016ActiveRCRA-05-2016-0021 Tradebe Treatment and Recycling, LLC (East Chicago, Indiana)
09/30/2016ClosedRCRA-05-2016-0022 Associates Engraving Company (Springfield, Illinois)
09/30/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0930 OMNICARE, INC.
09/29/2016ActiveRCRA-02-2016-7504 Westchester County
09/29/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4020(b) Eastman Kodak Company
09/29/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0933 OMNICARE, INC.
09/28/2016ActiveRCRA-07-2016-0030 Nebraska Railcar Cleaning Services, LLC
09/27/2016ActiveRCRA-10-2016-0129 Alaska Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities
09/27/2016ClosedRCRA-10-2016-0147 Nagra Inc.
09/27/2016ActiveRCRA-02-2016-7503 Marshall Brothers, Inc., E. & V Energy Corp., Erie Enterprises, LLC and Marshall Family Associates, LLC
09/26/2016ActiveRCRA-02-2016-7105 Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center
09/26/2016ActiveRCRA-03-2016-0225 CITGO Norview Gas Station, RCRA, Complaint
09/22/2016ActiveRCRA-02-2016-7106 Mayaguez Medical Center Dr. Ramon Emeterio Betances, Inc.
09/21/2016ClosedRCRA-05-2016-0017 AK Steel Corporation (Mansfield, Ohio)
09/21/2016ClosedRCRA-05-2016-0018 Hanging Rock Plant -The Dow Chemical Company- ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT (Ironton, Ohio)
09/21/2016ActiveRCRA-07-2016-0032 US Technology Corporation
09/20/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4004(b) Triumvirate Environmental (Florida), Inc.
09/19/2016ClosedRCRA-05-2016-0016 Mid City Plating Company, Inc. - ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT - (Muncie, Indiana)
09/19/2016ActiveRCRA-08-2016-0008 WES COLOMBE D.B.A ALLSTOP
09/16/2016ClosedRCRA-10-2016-0080 American Retail Services-Fresno, LLC
09/16/2016ClosedRCRA-02-2016-7702 Town of Oyster Bay
09/16/2016ClosedRCRA-02-2016-7707 Bolla Operating Corp.
09/16/2016ClosedRUST-05-2016-0007 Grafton Harbor R5-UST-16-029-AC (Grafton, Illinois)
09/14/2016ClosedRCRA-03-2016-0190 Hi-Tech Color, Inc., RCRA, SCAFO
09/14/2016ActiveRCRA-03-2016-0213 Dana Container, Inc., SCAFO, RCRA
09/14/2016ActiveRCRA-04-2016-4019(b) Lionheart Industries, Inc.
09/13/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4016(b) Micro Matic USA, LLC
09/08/2016ActiveRCRA-03-2016-0020 Uniformed Services University, RCRA, SCAFO
08/31/2016ClosedRCRA-10-2016-0110 Dreamstate, Inc.
08/29/2016ClosedRCRA-07-2016-0017 Quick Pick Inc % Freedom Petroleum
08/29/2016ClosedRCRA-07-2016-0026 Bill’s Bar-B-Que and Convenience Store
08/26/2016ActiveRCRA-08-2016-0007 HARVEY OST OILFIELD SERVICES, LLC
08/25/2016ClosedRCRA-10-2016-0099 Skills, Incorporated
08/24/2016ActiveRCRA-03-2016-0149 Composite & Metal Products USA, Inc., RCRA, SCAFO RCRA-03-2016-0149, correction
08/24/2016Awaiting Payment/SEPRCRA-05-2016-0015 GDB Internation Incorporated 17396 Mockingbird Road -and- 12578 Route 127 --SEP-- (Nashville, Illinois)
08/23/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4011(b) AAR Aircraft Services, Inc.
08/23/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4015(b) Pinova, Inc.
08/23/2016ClosedRCRA-07-2016-0029 Winnebago Industries, Inc.
08/18/2016ClosedRCRA-03-2016-0154 PA Department of Transportation, Keystone Building, RCRA, SCAFO.
08/18/2016ActiveRCRA-08-2016-0006 HIGH PLAINS MOTORS, INC.
08/18/2016ClosedRUST-05-2016-0006 Bosselman Boss Shop (Benton Harbor, Michigan)
08/17/2016ActiveRCRA-03-2016-0174 Capital Electro Circuits, Inc., RCRA, SCAFO
08/17/2016ActiveRCRA-03=2016-0174 Capital Electro Circuits, Inc., RCRA, SCAFO
08/16/2016ClosedRCRA-07-2016-0027 Salford
08/11/2016ActiveRCRA-03-2016-0107 Fairfax County Government, RCRA, SCAFI
08/11/2016ClosedRCRA-07-2016-0010 Dinah Mart
08/09/2016ClosedRCRA-03-2016-0204 Cytec Engineered Materials Inc., RCRA, SCAFO
08/08/2016ActiveRCRA-08-2016-0005 THREE AFFILIATED TRIBES
08/03/2016ActiveRCRA-08-2016-0004 US MAGNESIUM LLC
08/01/2016ClosedRCRA-03-2016-0171 Salem Tube, Inc., RCRA, SCAFI
07/29/2016ActiveRCRA-03-2016-0141 Citrus and Allied Essences, Ltd, RCRA, SCAFO
07/28/2016ClosedRUST-05-2016-0005 Oxford One Stop (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
07/27/2016ActiveRCRA-10-2016-0104 North Portland Express Care
07/19/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4001(b) Patrick Air Force Base
07/19/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4014(b) Tampa Ship, LLC
07/19/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0911 Pumpco Energy Services, Inc. c/o Gerald J. Pels, Partner
07/15/2016ActiveRCRA-02-2016-7102 The City of New York, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
07/14/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4010(b) Veolia ES Technical Solutions LLC
07/06/2016ClosedRCRA-02-2016-7703 Lou-Hal Properties, Inc.
07/06/2016ActiveRCRA-03-2016-0113 Galvco Maryland, LLC, d/b/a Baltimore Galvanizing Co., Inc., RCRA, SCAFO
07/06/2016ActiveRCRA(CIT)-08-2016-0004 KYLE GROCERY, INC.
07/05/2016ClosedRCRA-04-2016-4007(b) Clean Harbors Florida LLC
06/30/2016ClosedRCRA-10-2016-0103 MICROCONNEX Corporation

(1706 entries in this collection)
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