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Dockets by Statute CAA

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05/24/2017ActiveCAA-03-2017-0127 United States Department of Navy, Naval Foundry and Propeller Center, CAA, SCAFO
05/22/2017ActiveCAA-05-2017-0023 Real Alloy Specification, Inc. (Coldwater, Michigan)
05/22/2017ActiveCAA-05-2017-0024 Sunoco Partners Marketing and Terminal LP River Rouge (Detroit, Michigan)
05/22/2017ActiveTSCA-05-2017-0003 Miron Masonry Company (Park Ridge, Illinois)
05/17/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0003 National Cold Storage, Inc
05/17/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0153 PB Leiner USA Corporation
05/16/2017ActiveCAA-04-2017-1750(b) Eikon Partners, LLC
05/08/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0007 Rock County Agronomy Services
05/04/2017ActiveCAA-04-2017-8000(b) Jarden Zinc Products, LLC
05/01/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0022 Grecian Delight Foods, Inc. -RMP-17-ESA-001- (Elk Grove, Illinois)
04/28/2017ClosedCAA-10-2017-0057 Pendleton Flour Mill, LLC
04/27/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3356 Conagra Foods Packaged Foods, LLC
04/26/2017ClosedCAA-10-2017-0085 Mill Creek Water Treatment Plant
04/25/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0074 Salisbury Processing Plant, Perdue Foods LLC, CAA, SCAFO.
04/24/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0021 The Andersons Inc. (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin)
04/22/2017ActiveCAA-01-2017-0038 Solutia, Inc.
04/20/2017ActiveCAA-01-2016-0036 In the Matter of Cutler Naval Facility
04/20/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3343 Valero Refining - Meraux, LLC
04/17/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0020 Illinois Road Contractors, Inc - Meredosia Terminal (Meredosia, Illinois)
04/13/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0098 Hershey Creamery Company- Middletown, CAFO, Expedited Penalty, CAA,
04/12/2017ClosedCAA-10-2017-0075 Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
04/12/2017ClosedCAA-10-2017-0074 Wilbur-Ellis Company LLC
04/12/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0014 Bond Chemicals, Inc. (Medina, Ohio)
04/11/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-8014(b) Blues City Brewery, LLC
04/06/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-8010(b) The Eggo Company
04/05/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0105 Protenergy Natural Foods, Inc., CAA, CAFO, Exp.
03/30/2017ActiveCAA-01-2017-0006 Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.
03/30/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0018 Rust-Oleum Corporation (Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin)
03/30/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0019 Ethone, Inc. (Bridgeview, Illinois)
03/29/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3335 Motiva Enterprise LLC
03/28/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0072 MarkWest Liberty Bluestone, L.L.C., Sarsen Gas Processing Plant, CAA, SCAFO
03/27/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2017-0017 Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt, LLC - SEP - (Medina, Ohio)
03/27/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0001 Farmers Cooperative
03/24/2017ActiveCAA-01-2017-0024 and EPCRA-01-2017-0025 Performance Foodservice a division of Performance Food Group, Inc.
03/24/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0016 Stratas Foods LLC (Quincy, Illinois)
03/23/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0099 CRC Industries, Inc., CAA, SCAFO,
03/22/2017ClosedCAA-10-2017-0058 Twin City Foods, Inc.
03/22/2017ActiveCAA-03-2017-0088 Kunzler & Company Inc., CAA, Expedited Penalty, CAFO
03/22/2017ActiveCAA 06-2016-3424 Americas Styrenics LLC
03/16/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-8012(b) Mizkan America, Inc.
03/16/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0015 Advanced Micronutrient Products, Inc. (Resse, Michigan)
03/15/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3338 Pilgrim's Pride Corporation
03/14/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-8006(b) Mosaic Crop Nutrition, LLC
03/14/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3301 BASF Total Petrochemicals, LLC
03/13/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0002 Poole Chemical Co, Inc
03/10/2017ActiveCAA-01-2016-0063 Champlin's Marina Resort & Tennis Club, Ltd
03/09/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-8005(b) The Water Works and Sewer Board of the City of Gadsden
03/09/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-8007(b) PMC Organometallix, Inc.
03/09/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3336 Reddy Ice Corp.
03/08/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0090 City of Danville Water Treatment Facility, CAA, CAFO
03/08/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3331 LCY Elastomers, L.P.
03/07/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-8003(b) Echo Lake Foods, Inc.
03/02/2017ClosedCAA-04-2016-8014(b) United Dairy Farmers, Inc.
03/01/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0092 Centre Foundry & Machine Co., CAA-03-2017-0092
03/01/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0014 Bedford City Utilities -- SEP -- (Bedford, Indiana)
02/28/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0013 Ferrara Candy Company (Forest Park, Illinois)
02/17/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2017-0012 AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry, LLC -- SEP -- (Morris, Illinois)
02/13/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3334 Shell Chemical LP
02/08/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0011 Coldwater Board of Public Utilities Water Treatment Plant (Coldwater, Michigan)
02/07/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0076 Food Lion (Distribution Center #7), CAA, CAFO, Exp Penalty Action
02/07/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0010 PSC Metals, Inc. --SEP-- (Mayfield Heights, Ohio)
02/07/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-9001 PSC Metals
02/07/2017ActiveCAA 06-2016-3361 Formosa Plastics Corporation
02/06/2017ActiveCAA 06-2016-3362 Formosa Plastics Corporation, Louisiana
02/01/2017ClosedCAA-01-2017-0020 American GreenFuels, LLC
01/31/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2017-0008 Allnex USA Inc. -SEP- (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
01/31/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0009 EES Coke Battery, L.L.C. (River Rouge, Michigan)
01/26/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-8009(b) Arkema Inc.
01/23/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3326 Flint Hills Resources Houston Chemical, LLC
01/19/2017ActiveCAA-03-2017-0080 West Hershey Plant, CAA, Expedited Penalty, CAFO
01/18/2017ClosedCAA-07-2016-0040 Frick’s Quality Meats, Inc.
01/12/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0059 Mark West Liberty Midstream and Resources LLC
01/12/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3306 Freedman Meats, Inc.
01/12/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3321 Pryor Chemical Company
01/12/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3329 Rohm and Haas Company
01/10/2017ClosedCAA-04-2016-8020(b) Saputo Dairy Foods USA, LLC
01/10/2017ClosedCAA-04-2016-8021(b) Helm Fertilize Terminal, Inc.
01/10/2017ActiveCWA -06-2017-4301 White Operating Company
01/10/2017ActiveCWA 06-2016-4318 North Star Energy Production
01/03/2017ClosedCAA-04-2016-8019(b) Corbin Utilities Commission
12/30/2016ClosedCAA-05-2017-0007 Steel Dynamics, Inc. (Columbia City, Indiana)
12/28/2016Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2017-0006 Welsch Ready Mix, Inc. - SEP- (Chicago, Illinois)
12/23/2016ClosedCAA-05-2017-0005 PVS Technologies, Inc. RMP-16-ESA-12 (Detroit, Michigan)
12/21/2016ActiveCAA 06-2017-3310 Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC
12/21/2016ActiveCAA 06-2017-3323 Koch Fertilizer Enid, LLC
12/20/2016ClosedCAA-04-2016-8001(b) Carpenter Co.
12/20/2016ClosedCAA-04-2016-8004(b) Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government
12/20/2016ActiveCAA-04-2017-8002(b) Domtar Paper Company, LLC
12/13/2016ClosedCAA-04-2016-8018(b) ZECO, Inc.
12/13/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0025 Equistar Chemicals, LP
12/08/2016ClosedCAA-04-2016-8003(b) Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
12/08/2016ActiveCAA 06-2017-3308 GATX Corporation
12/06/2016ClosedCAA-04-2016-8011(b) Escambia Operating Co. LLC
12/06/2016ClosedCAA-04-2016-8015(b) Plains Gas Solutions, LLC
12/06/2016ActiveCAA 06-2017-3309 Tabula Rasa Partners, LLC
12/05/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0037 OSI Industries, LLC
12/02/2016ActiveCAA-01-2017-0018 & CERCLA-01-2017-0019 Hancock Foods, Inc.
11/30/2016ActiveCAA-03-2017-0007 Lineage Logistics, Internatinal Refrigerated Port Services, CAA, Exp Penalty
11/24/2016ClosedCAA-10-2017-0007 Skagit PUD #1 Water Treatment Plant
11/22/2016ActiveCAA-03-2017-0006 Coyne Chemical Reading Plant, CAA, SCAFO

(2826 entries in this collection)
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