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Market Mechanisms and Incentives: Applications to Environmental Policy, Proceedings of a Workshop Sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency's National Center for Environmental Economics and National Center for Environmental Research

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Proceedings from a two-day workshop co-sponsored by EPA's National Center for Environmental Economics and National Center for Environmental Research which presented research results, summarized EPA programs and discussed pending legislation related to market mechanisms and incentives. The workshop also featured a keynote address by Christine Whitman, Administrator of EPA, a luncheon address by Nobel Laureate Vernon L. Smith, and a panel discussion by Paul Gilman, Assistant Administrator for EPA's Office of Research and Development; Tracy Mehan, Assistant Administrator for EPA's Office of Water; and Jeffery Holmstead, Assistant Administrator for EPA's Office of Air.
Other participants included:
    Dallas Burtraw, Resources for the Future
    Curtis Carlson, DOE
    Tim Cason, Purdue University
    David Doniger, Natural Resource Defense Council
    Denny Ellerman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Alex Farrow, University of California, Berkeley
    Richard Garbaccio, US EPA, NCEE
    Charles Griffiths, US EPA, NCEE
    Julie Hewitt, US EPA, NCEE
    Richard Howarth, Dartmouth College
    William Jaeger, Oregon State University
    Mark Landry, Abt Associates
    Brian McLean, US EPA, OAR
    Jim Murphy, University of Massachusetts
    Sam Napolitano, US EPA, OAR
    Mark Olson, George Mason University
    Ian Parry, Resources for the Future
    William Pizer, Resources for the Future
    Greg Poe, Cornell University
    Alan Randall, Ohio State University
    Claire Schary, US EPA, Region X
    Joel Scheraga, EPA, Global Climate Change Program
    Byron Swift, Environmental Law Institute
    Hale Thurston, US EPA, NRMRL
    Roberton Williams, Brookings Institution and University of Texas, Austin

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Date Linked: 05/28/2009

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