Environmental Economics

The Cost of Clean Air and Water Report to Congress 1984

The Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act include provisions which require the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to make and report detailed estimates of the costs of carrying out the respective Acts. This report presents such estimates as two separate subreports, one concerned with the control of air pollution, the other with the control of water pollution. There is also a combined summary, which provides information on both subreports and presents listings of "water costs," "air costs," and "combined costs."

The report includes only those costs associated with Federal regulatory actions resulting from the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, and does not account for costs voluntarily incurred by polluters, required by state and local governments only, or mandated by other Federal laws.

A more recent report in the same series was issued in 1990.

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    3. Cost and Economic Impacts Analysis
    3. Costs and Economic Impact Analysis - Surveys and Critiques
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    Data Development
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    Environmental Investments: The Cost of a Clean Environment
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