Environmental Economics

Feasibility and Cost-effectiveness of Controlling Emissions from Diesel Engines in Rail, Marine, Construction, Farm, and Other Mobile Off-highway Equipment

The report studies the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of emissions controls in off-highway diesel vehicles. The report addresses the following major categories of diesel-engined off-highway equipment: Railroad locomotives, marine vessels (except ocean-going ships), farm equipment, construction and industrial equipment (including mining and forestry equipment), and mobile refrigeration units. These categories include the most significant classes of mobile diesel engines except for on-highway vehicles and ocean-going motor ships.

  • Keywords

    3. Cost and Economic Impacts Analysis
    3. Costs and Economic Impact Analysis - Specific Sectors and Pollutants
    Environmental Media:
    a. Air
    a. Air - Mobile Source
    Weaver, Christopher S.
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    Empirical Application, Policy Evaluation
    Inventory Record #: EE-0335
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    Comment: Also available in RERM as reference #A.88.6 and ID# AC00003586
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