Environmental Economics

Valuation of Reductions in Human Health Symptoms and Risks - Volume I - Executive Summary

This report to EPA from the University of Chicago summarizes a multi-volume study in which they undertook an assessment and reconciliation of attempts to value reductions in human health risks, and the development of new methods and estimates for these values. There are three other volumes in this series, listed above, as follows:

    Volume 2 (entitled Comparative Analysis of Approaches to Valuing Health Risks) contains a comparative assessment of work on valuing health risks. Based on assessment, a set of interim morbidity and mortality values applicable to effects of criteria air pollutants is developed.
    Volume 3 (entitled Contingent Valuation Study of Light Symptoms and Angina) reports on a study developing and applying contingent valuation techniques to the types of light symptoms often attributed to air pollution.
    Volume 4 (entitled Valuation of Reductions in Human Health Symptoms and Risks) reports on the design of approaches for valuing serious or life threatening illnesses.