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Measurement Issues and Validity Tests for Using Attitude Indicators in Contingent Valuation Research

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Paper Number: 2001-01

Document Date: 11/29/2001

Authors: Elizabeth McClelland

Subject Areas: Environmental Management: General; Ambient Air Quality; Valuation Methods; Valuation

Keywords: Factor analysis; attitudinal questions; mean willingness-to-pay.

Abstract: Employing attitude measures to explain valuation responses in contingent valuation studies has the potential to improve statistical analyses as well as interpretation of response information. In this paper, four types of attitude measures are compared for their ability to provide these benefits in the context of a contingent valuation of an air quality management plan for Sofia, Bulgaria. Findings show that specific attitude measures are superior to generalized attitude measures on both counts. The use of aggregated attitude indices versus single-item measures has different implications for the results, so choice of which to employ should depend upon the specific application.

Attachment: 2001-01.pdf (2,120K, About PDF)

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